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Rob Ford's Toronto

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The Ford brothers promised a dirty campaign this year, and Stintz is just the lowest branch and therefore easiest to pick off.

Also: I suspect they're still mad at her for that all too brief period when she was showing actual leadership on council, and speaking out against their asshole agenda. The Fords seem like people who hold onto grudges, wouldn't y'all say?

In addition, I daresay they're none-too-pleased about her strategy (pathetic as it was/is) of trying to appeal to "their" base of voters. Granted, it was an effort doomed from the start. Ford's Neanderthal fanbase aren't interested in supporting 'reasonable' conservatives who parrot Ford's talking points; they want him. But to them, it's the thought that counts, and I doubt they appreciate Stintz trying to poach on their grounds.
I understand your pet peeve. In this case, the context is casual, informally speaking.
Some people say 'theory', when 'hypothesis' would be more 'materially accurate'.

But saying that in a casual, informal conversation, like 'Conspiracy Hypothesis'.
Can sound as clunky as 'materially inaccurate'.

Anyhow, I hope Ms. Mcrobb continues her fascinating
correspondence to the media.

So much to keep up on the circus today.
Anyone else thinks there's still something weird with
the Ford to Stintz apology claim?

Her reaction is subjective and can not really be fact checked I agree.
But if I understand the timeline right. What did Rofo say or do,
to make Stintz leave the office like that, and leave her purse there.

Did she feel like she feared for her safety and felt she had to leave
as quickly as possible.

Did she leave her purse for some bizarre strange deal?
"We got some interesting photos Stintz...why don't you 'forget' your purse
here for 5 minutes...and we'll call it even."

Did she get overwhelmed by Rofo's totally sincere apology,
that she had to re-examine everything
she thought was true in her life?

I don't even like Stintz as a councilor or a candidate.
But something about this really stinks.

especially with these guys, so many things can be speculated, so who knows what it is... but yes, i agree, we did not learn of anything close to the full story.
Yeah, not sure how I shouldn't find that insulting.

I currently live in the suburbs of Scarborough, and I'm one of those 'ethnics'
that the Fords claim they have done so much for. What's funny is the country I was born in.
Someone like Rob and Thug would fit in quite nicely, politically speaking.

Which was a big reason why my parents immigrated to Canada.

I learned english at a fairly young age, but it wasn't my first language.
And I barely passed gr 9 French.

So how many languages do you speak euler?
Maybe I can make fun, but not insult that part of you?
I'm a citizen, but I fully admit I wasn't born here.
So maybe some of the customs of the country is still foreign to me.

Feel free to read that as a poem if you want.

Yikes dude relax. I'm an immigrant too, my family came here with nothing when I was five. I don't think I ever, um, questioned your provenance nor would I care...

Just that the short sentences, in which you speak.

Those sentences sound a lot like Joe Wormington.

That was the extent of me poking fun at you.

"He was in good spirits..."

If it makes you feel any better, I fucked up French too. I went to Alliance Française to improve, or this particular school would not accept me. I improved, and then quickly forgot everything. Such is life. Or, should I say, c'est la vie.

(and in case you were seriously asking, I speak two languages, English and Russian, but I dabble in a few others with limited success. speak a lot more if you count programming languages...)
Long time lurker here, why was the Ford Security story removed from the Star's website? One second it was there, next I'm getting a 404 error.
It's that far, wow, I get more exercise than I thought ;) (not frequenting LCBO, but referencing distance from Timmy's to Timmy's)

you guys are thinking of the wrong martinos i believe. the one leeanne went to is near the airport
you guys are thinking of the wrong martinos i believe. the one leeanne went to is near the airport

The Sun said it was the Dundas/Runnymede one.


"McRobb said she met Alexander “Sandro†Lisi – who was once known as Ford’s occasional driver and who is facing an extortion charge in connection with the mayor’s crack video – at Martino Brothers Collision at Dundas St. W. and Runnymede Rd., but shied away from elaborating further."
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