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Rob Ford's Toronto

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Did you guys see the 2 guys with cutouts of Ford that were larger than life and said "Thug Nation"? I think they were told to leave but the media was around them for the time they were there.




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Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel welcomes return of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford from rehab

Kimmel opened his monologue by telling his audience he felt like the little girl in Frosty the Snowman when Frosty comes back to life, saying he had ”missed that sweaty, pink man.”


He zeroed in on Ford's weight loss, asking whether the mayor went into rehab or ”into the woods to give birth to a horse,” and played a clip of Ford thanking rehab staff with his head superimposed over a muscular, body-builder-like physique.

Kimmel ended by offering Ford congratulations and saying ”we’ll keep our fingers crossed.”
Rob Ford Holds a “Press Conferenceâ€

Apologies need, above all, to be specific. For an apology to constitute a genuine gesture toward making amends, you must specify what it is that you have done wrong. You must show some understanding of the toll it has taken on others, and you must indicate in concrete, specific ways the measures you are taking to ensure your behaviour will be different in the future. Ford’s speech contained almost none of these things.

The only specific act the mayor apologized for was making “hurtful and degrading remarks†about Karen Stintz. Entirely absent from his speech were the years of lying; his countless homophobic and racist remarks; the many misogynist remarks he has made independently of the ones about Stintz; the alleged mistreatment of his staff; his relationship to one Toronto’s major gangs; or acts of violence allegedly done in his name, or for the sake of his protection.


Without filling in the details, this is an apology that could have been scripted at any time, one Ford could have delivered any day since he first admitted to smoking crack. There was nothing new, and thus no reason to believe that he has come out of rehab with a renewed, deepened, or changed view of himself, his actions, or his role in the city.

“At GreeneStone I learned that in my position I am held to a higher standard,†Ford said at one point—stunning in its inadvertent admission of ignorance, but also extremely revelatory. Rob Ford has been mayor for more than three years and was a councillor for 10 years before that. Somehow, in all that time, the notion that holding elected office was a form of public trust did not occur to him?


But this “press conference†was not about resetting trajectories, or rebuilding faith with the public, or making amends. It was, as it has always been in Rob Ford’s mayoralty, about the man himself, about his sense of what we are permitted to know, about how much free rein his victory in October, 2010, entitled him to, no matter how much has changed since then. And insofar as it was about that—about him rather than Torontonians, about his needs rather than those of his constituents—this “press conference†was compelling evidence that whatever impact rehab may have had on Rob Ford’s private life (and we sincerely hope it took hold there), it has had as yet no demonstrable effect on his public, professional life, or on his conduct in office.
From The Grid:

"Rob Ford’s too-little, too-late campaign speech was an insult"

"And that’s the problem, or one problem, is in the midst of a speech meant to show how he was a changed man, he very visibly demonstrated that he was not changed—that this was his standard speech modified to suit new circumstances."

more from this article...

Rob Ford took no questions. Same as always.

Instead, right there in the middle of his sober inventory of the depths to which he’d sunk (how he was “ashamed, embarrassed, and humiliated. I was wrong. I have no one, but no one to blame but myself”), right in the middle of this act of contrition, he started… bragging.

“I promised to stop the gravy train and that’s what we’ve done,” he said, going on about the “hundreds of millions of dollars” he had saved the city—through contracting out garbage and declaring the TTC an essential service and so on and so forth. The standard Ford litany.


His claims about his accomplishments range from inflated to outright false—but his record prior to this whole crack scandal business will be the subject of a column later this week. For today, what was almost worse than that was that he felt it was appropriate to make them at all. That this city, which he has humiliated so much by essentially treating it and his office at city hall—his sacred public trust—as a depraved frat party, needed to hear a bit about his personal journey to recovery and a lot about how well he’s served us and how he’s going to keep fighting for us.

Nope nope nope nope nope.

You don’t turn your speech about how sorry you are that you abused people’s trust into a stealth rationalization for why you’ve actually earned their trust.


And then, rather than let those he’d thus addressed talk to him and question him about what he’d just said, he left. He’d said what he wanted to, and cared not at all what anyone else wanted to hear from him. That was no new man. That’s the same Rob Ford we’ve always known.


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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford "The Big Smoke" TALKING Bobblehead
Blabbers 10+ Different Phrases With Press of a Button!


"The Big Smoke" is a hilarious talking bobble-head delivering over 10 wacky phrases. If you couldn't already tell by his ever-handy bong, and the bra on his lectern, he's serious about public accountability and service!

"The Big Smoke" always has something insightful and wise to say, just kidding, it’s far from wise, but you’ll still love it!

“Umm…it’s not what it looks like guys”

“I’m not a celebrity; I’m just a normal person with a lot of cash”

“I have more than enough to eat at home…look I brought a bra to prove my innocence”

“Ugh, I’m extremely super duper ultra mega sorry for…oh, what am I apologizing for this time?”

“Everyone loves me, I challenge anyone to name a single soul who hates me”

“Heck, I’m on my way to becoming prime minister of Canada”

“I’m the most honest and generous man you’ll ever find”

And many more comical phrases..!

Watch the video to hear all the other exclusive and obnoxious phrases.

Never feel bored again with the talking bobble head, he’ll keep on rambling and bickering as long as you keep on pressing the button.

Now, hop aboard "The Big Smoke" train, and return Toronto to its roots of partying, wildness, and smoky fun.



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I came back from Europe at the worst possible time. Just my luck. Two assholes return, but only one of them deserves to be here. ;)
and... why wasaga when there's their cottage?

IIRC, while it has been reported that "the Fords" own 3 parcels of land in Muskoka, Rob does not own a cottage. "The cottage" is owned by Doug Jr. (Similarly, while "the Fords" own condos in Hallendale, Rob does not own a condo.)

ETA: The only time that Ford ever talks about a cottage is for the Canada Day weekend as a "family event" at "the cottage". (Similarly, the only time he speaks about going to a condo in Florida he refers to his mother's condo.)

ETA2: And I think it highly doubtful that Renata or her parents have free run of Doug Jr's cottage.
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OK, just a really quick rant: meh.

That was exactly as expected and changes nothing -- same thumbed nose at the media, same setting silly rules just to be a prick, same half-assed apology, same Sun Ford Nation types cheerleading, same, same, same. Not even enough of an apology to cast a day's worth of doubt. The Fords used to do this shite better -- it's like they're not even trying as hard to be pricks.

I think the difference in 'prick talent' between Kouvalis and Massoudi is showing. The Fords really need someone a little more evil and of at least marginal intelligence, or this won't even be fun when he loses with less votes than Soknacki.

Also -- how is Stintz this bad??? I mean, is she waiting for some other type of ammunition before attacking Ford? He didn't even apologize to her personally, he just mentioned her as part of something he's sorry about! Can't the woman come up with a little outrage to show she's human and not just 'ambition on steroids'?
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