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Rob Ford's Toronto

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Rob and Doug are basically Napoleon and Snowball from Animal Farm, but stupid. They're terrorizing Toronto. And it's mind-boggling that this buffoonery is going to persist until Rob abnegates his mayorship to take a role in the sequel to Black Sheep, or drops dead.
Robyn Doolittle is live now on CNN with Anderson Cooper discussing today's Rob Ford events. They're discussing Ford Nation's reaction to George Smitherman's drug use and showing a "best-of" clip reel of Ford's greatest verbal mis-fires.

Terrorizing? That's beyond their powers. Push their luck and I have a feeling their Wario brothers are the ones who will get "terrorized".

Just because God forgives doesnt mean that there still arent consequences in scripture.... "I had a come to Jesus moment". A large Christian Mens organization "Promise Keepers" is having a day seminar Feb 8th to help people with addictions. I know at least a handful of people who know Rob personally. These people all agreed he should be at the seminar and they would invite him... The seminar is in Scarborough... Im betting he wont be there because apparently he doesnt drink anymore nor does he have a drug problem.

I'm sure he's already a member. Promise Keepers preach extremely sexist views and wives' total subservience to their husbands.
i am pages and pages behind, so sorry if this has already been discussed.

alana kindree's (aka alana sasha kindree's) address in the ITO is 34 Strickland Dr., Ajax

so check this, more shady character associates? her brother perhaps?...

Shane Kindree, 18 of Strickland Drive, Ajax, is charged with weapons possession, wearing a disguise with intent and obstructing police.


Shane KINDREE,. age 20 Strickland Drive in Ajax, is charged with: Aggravated Assault; Robbery x2; Possession of Weapon for Dangerous Purpose; Fail Comply with Probation Order x3. and Fail to Comply with Recognizance. He was held for a bail hearing.
Tomorrow on TODAY Matt Lauer goes one-on-one with Mayor Ford

Point is, all this looks like very cheap WWF-inspired political theatre, and nothing I saw in Friday's or Monday's meetings made Ford look remotely interested in saving his own skin. My guess is that this is the Fords' new direction: forget about the reality of city council, keep working their brand and the infamy angle, keep getting U.S. airtime, see if it's leading anywhere promising.

If you're right, SFO, then the Fords are evidently aiming for the Sarah Palin route to success via fame-whoring. And yet, that doesn't quite add up, does it? Palin, grafter that she is, was seeking to get rich more than anything else, while the Fords are already wealthy. Palin dropped out of being Governor of Alaska at her earliest convenience, mainly to become a celebrity (natch), but also because she had absolutely zero interest in actually working for a living - all that governatin' is just so gosh-darn hard!! - and while the latter, er, 'quality' is something Robbie shares with her, I do think Doug-o genuinely had some pretty high ambitions in clawing his way to the top echelons of the Ontario government...if not higher. Never mind how realistic said ambitions may have been, I don't doubt they existed. He's made no secret of it over the past couple of years. Getting Fatso entrenched into City Hall was unambiguously part of his empire building scheme, no?

If Brother Thug has changed his priorities - possibly because he sees the writing on the wall - and a future in the media is what he/Slob are now setting their beady little eyes on, I suspect they're in for a disappointment. Once the novelty factor of their particular freakshow fades, and they're no longer so "fresh" or "new," people are going to get sick of A process that's already underway. Creeps like Rush Limbaugh and "Dr." Laura Schlessinger were never able to make the leap from radio to tv - they simply didn't have enough of a widespread appeal - and Palin's crappy reality show wasn't all that successful, either. Mainly because she's basically as dull as dishwater. It's the latter fate for the Fords' Travelling Carnival Sideshow, methinks.
Everything Rob and Doug did in the special city council meeting today was theatre. Their body language, interactions, gladhanding, passing notes, whispering and looking away while other councillors were talking, and that disgraceful taunting of the public gallery which included bellowing insults to the very 'taxpayers' they claim to represent - all a great big show for the benefit of the media. Rob didn't give out a glimmer of contrition. Bully boys all the way.

It is quite possibly the most craptacular PR strategy imaginable, but it's their strategy.
Now Ford claims he's had a "Come to Jesus" moment, and swears he will never ever drink again. He also claims that "talk is cheap", and that if we don't see a difference in him in 5 months ("at least 30 pounds lighter, bigger arms and chest"), he will "eat his words."
So long as that is all he eats. I don't ever want to hear about what he eats again after last week
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