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Rob Ford's Toronto

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I am getting tired of the Ford circus.
I won't be tired of it until the investigations bear fruit, and if the Fords are guilty of any greater crimes (which seems probable to me), they are punished. Up until then, yeah it's a crazy wasteful timesuck, but can't turn away.
Ezra Levant on Rob Ford: "I’d take him drunk over his left-wing predecessor sober"" :eek:

Who would have thought, Ezra wanting Robbie's sex.

Now Ford claims he's had a "Come to Jesus" moment, and swears he will never ever drink again. He also claims that "talk is cheap", and that if we don't see a difference in him in 5 months ("at least 30 pounds lighter, bigger arms and chest"), he will "eat his words."

I was waiting for Robbie to start playing the God card, I knew him being a RC would show it's ugly head sooner than later. It was inevitable with the bros. talking up American politics.

“I have sinned against you, my Lord, and I would ask that your precious blood would wash and cleanse every stain until it is in the seas of Go's forgiveness.â€â€œI have sinned against you, my Lord, and I would ask that your precious blood would wash and cleanse every stain until it is in the seas of Go's forgiveness. Jimmy Swaggart
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The Ford's excursion into the gallery, from the gallery:

None of this is staged for some greater plan. People want to come up with the most complicated explanations sometimes. They're simply idiots, operating at a base level in everything they do. Is Rob spinning further out of control because they're buzzed by all the international attention and famous people coming to gawk at them? Sure, but that's because they're idiots, and know no shame.

They look like professional wrestlers. Look at the sad expression on Wong-Tam's face, just the sheer disappointment in the circus in which she has to work. I also like Goldsbie reaching to cover his mouth in disbelief. Also note, they started doing this before the break is called.

This to typezed. Everything Rob and Doug have done since Oct. 31 is explained by idiocy. I used to think Doug had some kind of plan, but it's become apparent through his conduct in council meetings and so many oh-so-terrible media interviews that he is just as stupid as Rob, without the apparent substance abuse to explain it. They would both need to be 100 times as smart as they actually are to be trying to make some of kind of viable let's-escape-to-freakshow-television scheme work.
i am pages and pages behind, so sorry if this has already been discussed.

alana kindree's (aka alana sasha kindree's) address in the ITO is 34 Strickland Dr., Ajax

so check this, more shady character associates? her brother perhaps?...


My Columbo senses are tingling! Nice find!

Everyone should focus on the criminal angle now. Everyone get your google digits working.
If you're right, SFO, then the Fords are evidently aiming for the Sarah Palin route to success via fame-whoring. And yet, that doesn't quite add up, does it? Palin, grafter that she is, was seeking to get rich more than anything else, while the Fords are already wealthy. Palin dropped out of being Governor of Alaska at her earliest convenience, mainly to become a celebrity (natch), but also because she had absolutely zero interest in actually working for a living - all that governatin' is just so gosh-darn hard!! - and while the latter, er, 'quality' is something Robbie shares with her, I do think Doug-o genuinely had some pretty high ambitions in clawing his way to the top echelons of the Ontario government...if not higher. Never mind how realistic said ambitions may have been, I don't doubt they existed. He's made no secret of it over the past couple of years. Getting Fatso entrenched into City Hall was unambiguously part of his empire building scheme, no?

If Brother Thug has changed his priorities - possibly because he sees the writing on the wall - and a future in the media is what he/Slob are now setting their beady little eyes on, I suspect they're in for a disappointment. Once the novelty factor of their particular freakshow fades, and they're no longer so "fresh" or "new," people are going to get sick of A process that's already underway. Creeps like Rush Limbaugh and "Dr." Laura Schlessinger were never able to make the leap from radio to tv - they simply didn't have enough of a widespread appeal - and Palin's crappy reality show wasn't all that successful, either. Mainly because she's basically as dull as dishwater. It's the latter fate for the Fords' Travelling Carnival Sideshow, methinks.

That's definitely what I'm saying: this is the "new" plan, once they (probably unspoken) accepted that all the bridges were burned and Doug's path to Queen's Park was cut off. You're right, they don't necessarily need the money, but I think they've (also unspoken) realized that the high profile and notoriety is what they really crave. My guess is right now they have a vague idea that if they can't be politicians, then they can be pundits of a sort. I think in their minds their supporters became their "fan base" at some point, and now they're doing it for the fans.
And just for the record, also remember the common association of mass field sporting events (esp. in the UK and Europe) with far-right hooliganism and easily-rallied masses. Yeah, that may be an exaggeration re the CFL, but...

Have we reached Peak Thug?
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