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Rob Ford's Toronto

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"I admitted I sinned" - Rob Ford on CBC just now

Aughhhh! It really irks me when they play the religious angle.

Rob, God may forgive you but that doesn't mean WE have.

Just because God forgives doesnt mean that there still arent consequences in scripture.... "I had a come to Jesus moment". A large Christian Mens organization "Promise Keepers" is having a day seminar Feb 8th to help people with addictions. I know at least a handful of people who know Rob personally. These people all agreed he should be at the seminar and they would invite him... The seminar is in Scarborough... Im betting he wont be there because apparently he doesnt drink anymore nor does he have a drug problem.
Now Ford claims he's had a "Come to Jesus" moment, and swears he will never ever drink again. He also claims that "talk is cheap", and that if we don't see a difference in him in 5 months ("at least 30 pounds lighter, bigger arms and chest"), he will "eat his words."
This, all the way. The more I watch this shitshow play out, the more I'm convinced that "shitshow" is the whole point in the Ford camp. My guess is they realized it was well and truly over at some point shortly before the p-word incident. Of all the ANYTHING he could have said in that moment, I refuse to believe that he lost his head and said "pussy" on live TV out of frustration or whatever. This is a guy who's been in a media pressure cooker for months... and if you watch the footage, it just slid out. He wasn't sputtering. It was intentional.

Of course, that line was practiced. Ford did not just come out with that line by himself. He's not that smart. This is the guy who can barely put a sentence together. His antics are meant to get American attention so he can capitalize on it. I'm sure it was Doug's plan. Expect more of this circus in the future, in fact, it might even get worse. They will have to do even stupider stunts to keep the attention of foreign media.

These guys are fools, even when they are trying to be professional but now that they are looking for superstar status, they will just act stupider than normal. They are the hoser version of the Beverly Hillbillies. (just with sinister overtones)
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If Rob Ford hadn't smoked so miuch dope in high school, he would have known the analogy he was looking for was not to Kuwait, but to the Ides of March.

(Which is not to say Caesar didn't have it coming.)
Ford vs JCVD

This may have been posted before but let's face it, there's a lot to catch up on.

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