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Post a good floorplan!

Just a thought, but you may consider to implement a bedroom door commencing outside the dry wall, next to the sink. This may make the bedroom appear larger. Also, if that were my suite, I'd likely
make the w/d and closet, just one space, as you'll get a bit more room and it will make the area look larger with a sliding mirror, instead of the two doors. You have a pretty decent size closet and you can definitely utilize that 10 foot height by installing more shelving for storage.
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Kitchens are very small for units of this size. I also don't like the bedrooms so close together; I'd prefer to have them split up.
I really like the 1-bed floor plans that have been posted in this thread.
Here's my unit at 8 Gladstone. I wasn't planning on living there, but as I get closer to move-in date I probably will for a few years.

Got rid of the pass-thru door in the bedroom and turned the sliding door into an actual swinging door. I really like the terrace and bedroom separate from the living area/kitchen

Apologies for the bad quality as its a scanned paper image.



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Hi Everyone, I was thinking of purchasing the attached unit? Any comments? Im a little worried that 550sqft is extremely small for a 1+D



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Thinking about putting a door and making that den a that enough room? It already has a closet in it with a full bathroom just across



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See attached for a 1+1 with 1200 sq. ft. layout.

I think they could have made the layout a lot more functional with all that space, but this is a one-and-only unit with this layout.... thoughts? (By the way, I am a new member looking for input on this layout from people on here, but it turns out I can't post my own thread until I have 20 posts... so rather than spam the forum posting 20 posts quickly for no reason, I figured since posting a floor plan IS the subject matter of this thread, I could do it here and still be legit!)

With re to dimensions, as I mentioned, the suite is 1200 sq. ft. (1 washroom for such a space is not great).
The den is approx. 8-9' x 13'
The bedroom is smaller at approx. 10' x 10'.
From the right end of the dining room to the left end of the unit is approx. 25'.

I generally don't like the fully open concept layouts where the kitchen is basically the wall of the living room, but my thought was to put in an island to designate a larger area as the "kitchen".

Any ideas on setting the unit up efficiently with couches/TV, etc?



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That's a huge layout with only 1 bedroom and not much window space.
The entrance door opening outwards is very odd.
It looks to be a loft space in an old building.

How high are the ceilings and does the space gets much light?
The thick wall separating the den and dining room looks like it could be structural and could not be moved.
I would make the den and dining room into two bedrooms and open the wall between the old bedroom and living room so that you expose as much window and light to your living space as possible. You could still keep the existing walk-in closet, but move the door to the opposite side so that it opens to the newly created bedroom.

Is there a possibility of adding another bathroom? For that size of space it really needs it.