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Miscellany Toronto Photographs: Then and Now

East side of Yonge, south of Gloucester:



gloucester yongenowSE.jpg
Follow up to my "then" pic of the SE corner of Yonge & Gloucester (from the TPL):


From the Toronto Star 6/4/1928:

"Historic old Matheson Hall sold. Above is a photograph of Matheson Hall; situated at the south-east corner of Yonge and Gloucester Sts.; a historic Yonge St. landmark; which was once the home of the late Dr. Hugh Matheson. The building and land has been sold by the Matheson estate; through the real estate department of the National Trust Company; to clients of Gibson Brothers; realtors; who plan to erect a modern commercial building on the site. Matheson Hall was built in 1870; when the Matheson family acquired the property from the late George Michie."

The William H. Wright Building
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Date of photo unknown, building lifepsan: 1937-1974


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Once the the HQ of the Globe and Mail; before it decamped to Front near Spadina......

Today, the Exchange Tower.
What a great building! One could stand on York Street and look down into the printing press room in the basement where the papers were packaged on conveyor belts (like in the old movies).

I would love to have been around in the heyday of the PCC cars. They exude an elegance and warmth you very rarely see in more modern transit vehicles.