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Miscellany Toronto Photographs: Then and Now

It would seem that these beauties are all gone then (from 1915, 1924 and 1931):

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Yes, much less dramatic today. The only two areas remaining with somewhat vertical cliff faces are just east and just west of Bluffers Park.

Looking west.



Dundas looking east towards Jarvis.

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Amazing transformation! All 3 corner buildings have been replaced with condos and the Grand Hotel on the right is gone as well. Judging from the 'green jobs' slogan on the hoarding and the car models, the 'then' shot is not that old - probably mid 2000's?
North West Corner of Yonge and Steeles - Photo via FB group Friends Who Like Vintage Toronto:


Above: The Green Bush Hotel - early photo, undated, Hotel was there from 1840s to 1972 when it was demolished.

Today, via Streetview:

I sure wish the TTC preserved/still used those pavers between the tracks. I believe they were actual stone setts (likely granite?) in many cases too, not just plain old brick. Every so often old buried stretches are unearthed during roadworks offering a neat glimpse into the past.

Front Street and Frederick Street
The movable lakeshore.View attachment 505933View attachment 505934
The original of the Hale version is in colour but it appears to copy one - painted in 1803 by Edward Walsh - see below. The copy of the Hale one at Fort York is annotated "There is no evidence that Mrs. Hale visited York in 1804 when she dated this watercolour, leading many to believe she copied it from someone else's sketch, possibly one by Edward Walsh." See:!1804_Part_of_York_Upper_Canada

For more Walsh sketches see: "Sketches from nature made in Upper Canada in the years 1803, 1804 and 1805 / by E. Walsh, M.D., 49th Regt.". William L. Clements Library, University of Michigan Library Digital Collections. September 27, 2023.

Edward walsh 1803.jpg
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