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Hamilton: General Service Discussion


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Oct 25, 2014
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I'm not too concerned about Niagara Falls because:
Though, to be clear -- when I say Niagara Falls, I meant everything west of Confederation. St. Cat will be the biggest one, then the future Grimsby GO / Beamsville GO, and ultra-longterm, electrification to New York City. (50 year view). There's a lot of dominoes being set up, which will borne out under the pressure scenario of (A) 403 expansion (B) climate accords (C) regional master plans set into action. But yes, Niagara-Hamilton commute will potentially be far more useful than Niagara-Toronto in the 2041 scenario.

I think Hamilton needs to begin thinking big, and positioning itself as not a bedroom community for Toronto but as a major employment centre and rival to Toronto for the Golden Horseshoe's labour pool.
That, I agree on. Part of my Hamilton 2041 visualization exercise through the lens of the recent Metrolinx documents, was to attempt on this.

Now, veering (somewhat) little more into fantasymap stuff (since these routes aren't hinted/mentioned anywhere yet in any Metrolinx docs) -- I overlaid potential GO bus routes on Hamilton 2041 in this new image.

A good healthy connection to a theoretical Dundurn GO station will potentially be borderline miraculous upgrade to regional transportation including for Niagara residents. The theoretical Dundurn GO would be most expensive to build, but would connects to quite a lot of destinations:
  1. Convergence of 403, LRT, GO
  2. GO Train to Burlington/Toronto
  3. GO Train to Downtown Hamilton
  4. GO Bus to Brantford/London
  5. GO Bus to Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge/Guelph
  6. Hamilton B-Line LRT from McMaster thru Eastgate
  7. Possibly Waterdown, L-Line of BLAST if it terminates there instead of downtown.
It might requiring building a bus terminal at Cathedral Park (which can then become a rooftop park flush to the redeveloped Dundurn Mall that doubles as the GO train station and B-Line LRT station.