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2022 election - who is running for mayor?

Sarah Climenhaga fills that void.
She's more Jill Stein or Tulsi Gabbard than Faith Goldy.

Remember, too, that there were *3* far-righters last time (James Sears & Chris Brosky were the others). If all that end of the spectrum has to offer now is a parked vote w/Climenhaga because she sounds the right notes on vax mandates and the like, well...
Looks like ole Gil is walking back his deeply unpopular turn the airport into a park announcement. Guess someone told him there was a park on the island already or that he doesn't really get to decide that this term.
Mayor Troy


vs Mayor Gil
I don't think he has enough support to pull that off.
I don't think so either. He needs to stop with the comparisons to the Bay Area in every interview he gives - do you know how rich you need to be to live anywhere close to San Francisco? His platform is for rich liberals who need to feel good about themselves and make a beautiful city (for rich people to live in). It will be interesting to see his support in the traditionally working class and more ethnic labour left areas of the city - I don't think he speaks for or to these people.
OK Folks, make your wild predictions here!

I'm going with Tory wins with 60% of the vote. Gil gets 25%. There will be a surprise (to some) of high support in most of downtown for Tory.