What once was an expansive surface parking lot and uninviting industrial cul-de-sac is now slowly transforming into a vibrant community, as Tippett Road, an unassuming dead-end street tucked away in the corner of the Allen Road and Highway 401 interchange, is at the centre of a flurry of development activity looking to densify the immediate area around Wilson Subway Station in North York. With two developments already completed on Tippett in the last decade, and four more developments coming through the planning pipeline, a seventh project was submitted for OPA and Rezoning last month for 30 Tippett Road, adding further potential density to the quickly growing Tippett Road Regeneration Area.

View of 30 Tippett looking north along private road to Building A, image courtesy of Collecdev.

The proposal for 30 Tippett includes two residential buildings of 13 and 14 storeys, combining for a total of 521 residential units. Headed by developers Collecdev, the two buildings are designed by gh3, and come with a 1,554-square-metre public park located in the northeast corner of the site, corresponding with dedicated parklands in the adjacent proposal at 4-6 Tippett.

Site plan of 30 Tippett, image courtesy of Collecdev.

Building A, at the north end of the site, consists of a 13-storey slab extending southward, following the curve of Allen Road, with three wings extending eastward of 10, 10, and 7 storeys. It contains a total of 356 condominium units that range in size between one-bedroom, one-bedroom-plus-den, and two-bedrooms. A POPS is located between the 10-storey northern and middle wings that extends underneath the 13-storey slab portion, providing a connection between the east and west sides of the building and leading directly into the public park to the northeast. The space between the middle wing and 7-storey southern wing is allocated for outdoor amenities, while a rooftop amenity space is provided atop the southern wing. The majority of the ground floor is occupied by indoor amenity space, including a 476-square-metre community use space.

View of 30 Tippett looking south along private road, image courtesy of Collecdev.

Building B, located at the south end of the site, consists of a 14-storey block with a projecting volume on its east side. It contains a total of 165 rental units in sizes of one or two bedrooms. The building includes both outdoor and indoor amenity spaces, including a rooftop terrace on the 13th floor.

View from the west of Building A, image courtesy of Collecdev.

The two buildings are served by a four-storey underground parking garage. They are sandwiched between an enhanced pedestrian walkway along the western edge of the site, running parallel to Allen Road and connecting to the larger pedestrian network and Wilson Station, and a private road along the east, which separates the buildings from the public park and connects the new municipal road to the north to Tippett Road through the adjacent Express Condos development. 

Rendering of the pedestrian walkway along the west edge of the site, image courtesy of Collecdev.

30 Tippett joins a crowded development zone, with several new projects seeking approval in the area. Two developments have already been completed, while four more are on their way, bringing thousands of new residents to the area in a variety of rental, affordable, and condo unit types. 

Map of the area showing all current and past developments, image by Julian Mirabelli.

To the immediate east, located between 30 Tippett and Tippett Road, is Express Condominiums on the Subway at 4-6 Tippett, a development of three towers rising 16, 16, and 13 storeys that contains 651 residential units. The proposal is headed by Malibu Investments with architecture from RAW Design. While no retail or other non-residential uses are proposed for 30 Tippett, over 14,000 square feet of retail is planned for ground level of the north building at Express Condos. A new public park is also included in the Express development, which will combine with the parkland dedication for 30 Tippett to create a 27,000 square foot park for the neighbourhood.

Rendering of Express Condominiums, image courtesy of Malibu Investments.

To the immediate north of 30 Tippett is Rocket Condos, a two-phase development at 36 and 36R Tippett consisting of a 14-storey 291-unit condo building and an 8-storey 171-unit rental building, headed by MetropiaShiplake, and Wise, and designed by gh3. Adjacent to Rocket Condos is The Station Condos, completed a few years ago and located on the southwest corner of Wilson Avenue and Tippett Road.

Rendering of Phase Two of Rocket Condos, image courtesy of Collecdev and Shiplake.

The east side of Tippett contains Phase One of Gramercy Park Condos, located on the southeast corner of Tippett and Wilson and already completed. Phase Two of the development, dubbed Southside Residences at Gramercy Park, is now working its way through the planning process, located immediately to the south of the first phase building. The proposal is a pair of towers rising 15 and 17 storeys designed by Page + Steele / IBI Group Architects and headed by Malibu Investments. It will also have over 11,000 square feet of retail space at grade.

Rendering of Southside Residences at Gramercy Park, image courtesy of Malibu Investments.

Further adding to the density is 470 Wilson, located just to the northeast, which consists of a 13-storey condo building, a 12-storey rental building, and 4-storey stacked townhouses totalling 623 new residential units. Similarly to 30 Tippett, is is headed by the same team of Collecdev and gh3. The multi-use building is also seeking approval at the City.

Rendering of 470 Wilson, image courtesy of Collecdev.

We will keep you updated as the design for 30 Tippett and the surrounding proposals continue to evolve, but in the meantime you can get in on the discussion by checking out the associate Forum threads, or by leaving a comment in the space provided on this page.

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