Metropia was created out of a shared purpose and vision to become one of Canada’s leading real estate development companies by focusing on urban renewal and design innovation. Our communities offer a wide range of housing options with an emphasis on affordability and a responsibility to the environment.

Metropia’s founder, Howard Sokolowski, has a rich history in residential development. As cofounder and CEO of Tribute Communities for over 25 years, Howard led the development of more than 30,000 homes. One of the things Howard takes great pride in is working closely with the families and administrations that have a deep, vested interest in the outcome of the communities being developed. Under Howard’s leadership, Tribute won numerous community and development awards from J.D. Power, the Ontario Home Builders Association and Toronto’s Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) including Project of the Year, Community of the Year and Builder of the Year.

Partnering with Howard is Tony Moro, former President and CEO of Deltera/Tridel Builders. Tony brings with him over 35 years experience as Canada’s leading builder of condominium communities, during which time he developed over 40,000 condominium units. Under Tony’s leadership, Deltera/Tridel Builders won numerous awards including J.D. Power and Hi-Rise Builder of the Year.

Company information

2300 Yonge Street, Suite 807, Toronto, ON M4P1E4, Canada
+1 (416) 486 4242

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 Cranes Arrive for Emerald Park Condo's 32 and 42-Storey Ascent
 Canadian Cities Nominated 65 Times at National Sales and Marketing Awards
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 dataBase Project of the Day: Exhibit Residences
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 Bazis, Pure Plaza, and Metropia Open the Doors to Exhibit Residences
 Bazis, Plaza and Metropia Developed Emerald Park Condo Breaks Ground At Yonge And Sheppard
 Exhibit Residences Condos By Bazis International, Plazacorp and Metropia Coming To 200 Bloor West
 Bazis, Pure Plaza, and Metropia's Exhibit Residences Soon Opening For Sales
 Emerald Park Condos And Hullmark Centre Set To Reshape Yonge and Sheppard
 Bazis, Plazacorp, and Metropia Launch Exhibit Condos on Bloor Across from the ROM
 Construction Imminent at Emerald Park Condos by partners Bazis, Metropia, Plazacorp
 MuseumHouse Set To Tower Over The ROM
 Photo of the Day: A Unique Building Set to Bite the Dust


AYC Condos

AYC Condos, designed by TACT Architecture for Metropia and Diamond Corp, Toronto
181 Bedford Road, Toronto | Metropia, Diamond Corp
Annex Yorkville Connection Condos, or AYC Condos, Toronto, designed by TACT Architecture for Metropia and Diamond Corp. go to project

Bloor & Dufferin

Bloor & Dufferin, Toronto, Hariri Pontarini, Capital Developments, Metropia
1141 Bloor St W, Toronto | Capital Developments, Metropia
10 / 04 / 17 A Project Timeline We are part way through a process that was initiated by the Toronto District School Board in 2014. In 2016, Capital Developments and Metropia were selected to ... go to project

Cru Condos

Cru Condos, Toronto, designed by Sweeny &Co for Metropia, Capital Dev, RioCan
11 Yorkville Avenue, Toronto | Metropia, Capital Developments, RioCan REIT
Cru Condos is a proposed 62-storey tower at 11 Yorkville Avenue in Toronto, designed by Sweeny &Co Architects for Metropia, Capital Developments, and RioCan Living. 2-storey building by the ... go to project

E Condos

E Condos Toronto design by Roy Varacalli for Bazis Inc., Metropia and RioCan
8 Eglinton Av E, Toronto | Bazis, Metropia, RioCan REIT
E Condos: 58 and 38-storey towers on the northeast corner of Yonge Street and Eglinton Avenue in Toronto by Bazis Inc., Metropia, and RioCan with architecture by Roy Varacalli. Interiors by Mike ... go to project

E2 at E Place

E2 at E Place, 39-41 Roehampton, Toronto, by Metropia, Capital Developments
41 Roehampton Avenue, Toronto | Capital Developments, Metropia
Continuing the Yonge & Eglinton area's rapid development boom, E2 at E Place is a 48-storey condo at 39-41 Roehmapton, designed by TACT Architecture for Metropia and Capital Developments. go to project

Emerald Park Condos

Emerald Park Condos Toronto by Bazis International, Metropia and Plaza
Yonge and Bogert Ave, Toronto | Bazis Group, Metropia, Plaza
Emerald Park Condos by Metropia, Plazacorp and Bazis International. 42 and 33 storey condo designed by Architect Rosario Varacalli located at Yonge and Bogert Ave in North York/Toronto. go to project

Exhibit Residences

Exhibit Residences condos Toronto by Bazis, Metropia and Plaza
200 Bloor Street West, Toronto | Bazis Group, Metropia, Plaza
Exhibit, a visionary new condominium by Bazis, Metropia and Plaza, is an extraordinary new design concept that is not only breathtaking to view, it also offers a brilliant new perspective on ... go to project

Lawrence Heights Revitalization

Lawrence Heights Revitalization Yorkdale in Toronto
TORONTO, April 29, 2013-Toronto Community Housing's board of directors today confirmed the corporation's developer partner and construction manager for phase 1 of the Lawrence Heights ... go to project

Rocket Condos

Rocket Condos, Metropia, gh3 Architects, Toronto
36 & 36R Tippett Road, Toronto | Metropia
Proposed condominiums and rental units at 36R & 36 Tippett Road (Building A and B respectively) in North York adjacent to Wilson Subway Station. Developed by Metropia, and designed by gh3 ... go to project

Yorkdale Condominiums, The

Yorkdale Condominiums, Toronto, design by KPMB for Context and Metropia
Ranee Ave & Allen Road, Toronto | Context Development, Metropia
The Yorkdale is a mid-rise condominium project by Context and Metropia. It is located in the backyard of Yorkdale shopping centre, which means that you basically have the worlds biggest walk-in ... go to project