Myles Burke Architectural Models
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Myles Burke Architectural Models is a producer of premium quality scale models. We put tremendous effort into the detailing and styling of our models, capturing both the physical and non physical attributes of the designer's vision. The most effective models are not only accurate, but they are expressive and compelling. We offer a full range of model building services, with the capabilities to handle projects of every scope. From simple study models to the most complex and custom of treatments, our team is well experienced, and our production facility is perfectly equipped. Our construction methods embrace the traditional model building approach of hand crafted parts and assembly, while utilizing available technologies to maximize efficiency. We are continually seeking out new methods to promote quicker turnarounds, while maintaining our exacting standards of quality. Beyond our product, we endeavour to develop strong working relationships with our clients based on integrity, professionalism and patience.

Address 10 Planchet Road, Suite 29, Vaughan, Ontario, L4K 2C8, Canada
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