Geosource Energy
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Devoted to the pursuit of innovation and excellence as a leading geoexchange specialist, Geosource Energy is changing the way energy is delivered. Through the use of advanced technology and our patented implementation process, we have delivered on three of the largest geoexchange projects in North America and over 400 systems since 2004. Why? Because we value our communities and have committed ourselves to the advancement of low-carbon priorities for our communities.

At the cutting edge of innovation, we have developed a patented implementation process that makes construction of our infrastructure safer and more efficient. To facilitate geoexchange in building retrofits and on spatially constrained sites, we utilize a custom-designed drill rig capable of drilling on angle. This allows for the placement of boreholes under surface infrastructure (such as buildings and trees) in normally inaccessible rock mass, as well as smaller footprints, maximizing the energy-exchange potential of any site.

As a pioneer in the geoexchange industry, we place great importance on education and have developed an in-house training programme to guarantee consistency - ensuring that every project receives work of the highest quality. Meeting and exceeding expectations is what we do. At Geosource, we aim to lead and support the widespread adoption of geoexchange technology, with the ultimate goal of a truly sustainable, zero-carbon future.

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