It was just a few days ago when we covered the lengthy crane disassembly at CHAZ Yorkville Condos, which was carried out through a succession of smaller derricks, a process compared by some to the famous nesting Russian Matryoshka dolls. Crane disassembly is always a complex task no matter how it is done, but this weekend another condominium had its crane removed through a quicker process.

At only 17 storeys compared with CHAZ's 47, King + Condos is short enough that a mobile hydraulic crane could be brought in to do the task over the weekend which took three derricks and a few weeks at CHAZ. Located on the southeast corner of King and Sherbourne Streets, the crane removal for King + still turned plenty of heads this weekend as Sherbourne Street was closed as the massive portable crane handled the disassembly.

Portable crane on Sherbourne Street for the removal of King + Condos' crane, image by UrbanToronto Forum contributor Razz

Crews hooked up sections of the tower crane before unbolting them and lowering them to the street with the telescoping arm of the portable crane.

King + Condos crane disassembly, image by Edward Skira

In the image below, we can see the tower crane's main jib arm being lowered from the top of King Plus.

King + Condos crane disassembly, image by Edward Skira

In the next image, the tower crane's mast has been lowered to street level. It was subsequently loaded on to a flatbed truck and hauled away to its next job site. 

King + Condos crane disassembly, image by Edward Skira

In the coming months a third type of crane removal will occur at the L Tower. As soon as it is no longer needed, its exterior-mounted hydraulic climbing crane will essentially disassemble itself, similar to the process used for one of Emerald Park Condos two cranes a couple of months ago. We will aim to get a full report published on that process.

Crane atop the L Tower, image by Marcus Mitanis

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