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54 projects  :  37 complete  |  10 under construction  |  7 pre-construction

The Firm What we can do for you The PATTON DESIGN STUDIO is a team of interior designers, technologists and support staff that have worked with developers and private residential clients for over 30 years. Bryon Patton and Associates Ltd has now evolved into its new incarnation as Patton Design Studio Inc. We continue to progress and grow, building on the strength and tradition of excellence which is our shared history. Our projects include prestigious high rise and low rise developments as well as private city and country residences. For obvious reasons, interior designers are often preoccupied with how things look. The P/D/S approach is different. We begin by addressing the goal that each design is to accomplish and then work to find a solution that is best for the client. Then we concentrate on how it looks. For a Sales Presentation Centre, Condominium Lobby and Amenities or a Private Residence, this approach is extremely important. The result isn’t just design that looks beautiful, but design that works beautifully! The PATTON DESIGN STUDIO is not tied to a signature style. Diversity continues to challenge our creative interpretation to reflect our clients' aspirations. We assess and interpret the tastes of our markets and clients and their objectives, then design to satisfy their requirements. We are creative, knowledgeable, talented, energetic and experienced. We work well collaboratively as part of a team with other consultants. We are fortunate to be living at this time in Canada where so much cultural evolution is occurring at such a rapid pace. Rich, novel ideas about how we live are constantly being revealed through our contact with other cultures. It is by combining the old and new, foreign and familiar that we find inspiration in design that is relevant to all of our design and marketing work.

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