41 projects  :  22 complete  |  8 under construction  |  11 pre-construction

Artificial, not fake

Our work celebrates manmade nature. Landscapes are constructed, and we believe they should look the part. We are deeply committed to the specific qualities of each site – its natural conditions, its cultural history, its sociology, its politics. We want to translate each unique situation into a bold and pleasurable design that will connect with people physically, sensually, and playfully. We want to wake our audiences up and force them to take a fresh look at their surroundings. Our work may be artificial; it’s also anything but fake.

We thrive within bureaucratic constraints, lengthy decision-making processes, conflicting affiliations, and demanding timetables, and budgets, because these are the intensely interesting realities of any site. Within each project, we navigate webs of political, environmental, historical, social, and economic entanglements, seeking to extract a simple, clear idea that encapsulates it all. Once this single concept is identified, we meticulously unfold it to guide all aspects of the project, from global organization to the finest construction detail. This results in complex, consistent environments that communicate loudly and clearly. We believe that a bold landscape image can brand a company, define the identity of a city, or simply entice passers-by to take a closer look.

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