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TTC: Flexity Streetcars Testing & Delivery (Bombardier)

I doubt the media cares about the orders unless they are parked in the Portlands enroute to Alexandria.

Or on route to Fordland! The best amusement park ever, designed by our supreme premier Doug Ford. It's located in the Congress Centre and will be open for "lovers of conservative cost cutting policies while having fun" by 2021! We'd need 90 Flexities, 1 CLRV and a Orion VII Event Support bus ( it's supporting Ford's event! ) for scheduled capacity
4531 is tracking and out testing for the first time on Queen at Spadina Ave. Not bad for being off loaded Mar 12.
Looks like 4528 is having break issues, as it was out testing the yard the last few days on track 21 running back and forth before going in the service bay every so often. It just left the yard and going west on Queen for testing. This is on top the 2 days of testing before this, after being in the service bay for over a week. March 4 was its last test run on 501 and being out. It has been here 24 days so far

Looks like 4530 is being prep for service early this coming week.
4527 has enter service on 509 (BAEX) after being here 12 day.

4528 heading home by Queen after been out all night testing.
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4532, 4533, and 4534 are all in Toronto awaiting delivery to Hillcrest. Some sort of mechanical issue with the transporters has delayed delivery of the first two.
4535 is loaded and waiting to leave Thunder Bay.
The lack of deliveries from Kingston is curious.

- Paul
Ive been wondering about kingston too. I find it strange that nothing at all has come out. But besides the flexities which are trackable, would we actually know if another crosstown or valley line car left? Is someone paying attention to those? In particular the Edmonton ones. The first one was promoted by the company but for all i know they could have sent another one. It may not have made the news. I haven't heard any news about edmonton's vehicles, good or bad.