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Toronto's Best Public Realm/Streetscapes

I just wanted to highlight this large planter at St. Joseph and Bay, it's such a nice little shaded green refuge, with a patio carved out for a quick pizza slice!

I was quite struck at how dense the plantings are, i'd really like to see more gardens planted to resemble a forest bed like this around the core!

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We're moving in that direction in terms of having larger open-air planters, with companion plantings (not just trees)

That said, there are lots of non-native plants in there, I see quite a few Hostas. Nothing wrong w/that per se in an urban context, but not exactly true forest. I think we under-utilize ferns for these types of settings.
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I'm a little suprised that there aren't some cross-posts here of public realm stuff like the latest pocket park from Cormier (LOVE ❤️), the evolving Wellington Street promenade (The Well), Bathurst Silos/Ireland Park (and future plans) etc.

I guess somebody with too much time on his/her/their hands should to get to work...?