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The station building itself, I believe is 2019. The platforms and trainshed and other USRC track work will still be going strong at that point with no specific final date as capacity, safety, corridor electrification, and Rail Deck Park will determine what is done and when.
Hmm. I believe train shed is two words, not one. My dyslexic eyes led me to read "tarnished", which just happens to be a very appropriate anagram of "trainshed".
Don't know if this has been discussed, but is this new?
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Nov 17
Not sure why they haven't place the glazing along the south side







glazing on the south side going in now. but also a bunch of panels removed?
The panels at the east end of the York moat have not been installed yet; they seem to be rebuilding part of that parapet wall and I assume cannot put in the panels or the 'glazing bars' until they are finished. Work on the Bay moat continues to move along, more uprights and beams being installed today and it seems they want to cover over at least the central section before 'real winter' arrives so that there is weather protection between TTC subway and Union. They also seem to have started installing the concrete bases for the uprights on the north-south moats along both York and Bay Streets.
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Yes!! That'll look great.
I thought someone on here had said that floors would be bare concrete. Granite will be so much better!

They might still be right if the granite is meant only for the stairs. Unlikely, but I will truly believe it when I see it applied to the moat floor.



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Yes!! That'll look great.
I thought someone on here had said that floors would be bare concrete. Granite will be so much better!
I saw lots of granite slabs /tiles being delivered a few weeks ago and if you look at the floor drains in the moats it is obvious that there is going to be 'something' installed on top of the existing floor concrete. Will it be more concrete? Will it be granite tiles or will it be terrazzo as in VIA concourse. I guess we will see; I have little faith in some of the comments made here so not sure I believe the UT statement saying "that floors would be bare concrete".
It’s reassuring that “Via Rail Canada” wasn’t add to that sign.
The mix of serif and sans-serif fonts is jarring.


VIA sign appears to be in their designated typeface, the rest is more heritage. I personally don't mind it as I view the VIA portion as branding to the very beautiful wayfinding. Definitely not like Mies' portion of the PATH though, that's for sure.