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Podium & heritage structure update from Friday May 24
funny little row of victorians in a sea of condos. couldnt be anywhere but toronto haha
In some ways odd, however I would say they've been given enough space to stand eloquently by themselves. The brickwork of the new surrounding buildings doesn't match, but just by being brick introduces in my opinion enough of a setting to make the whole arrangement work. Finally livable cities thrive on diversity, this little enclave here seems architecturally up to the task.
That paint on the townhouses still looks so off. Why is it magenta? I guarantee any imperfections in the unpainted brickwork would have just given it character. And the window trim should have been a darker colour.
The sidewalks are being done and there will be a row of street trees! 🌳 I noticed today that there are so many sidewalks that have been redone with redevelopment and trees that it is creating a not unpleasant atmosphere. Taken 3 June.

BTW when I was there this afternoon I saw what looked like a resident coming out of the condo entrance so I guess that occupancy has started.

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Why do the lobby couches look like they're made of stone? Are they supposed to complement the entrance of Cinema Tower across the street? Maybe the Entertainment District (or at least the block around Widmer) should be renamed the Flintstones District.
July 2: Occupancy of the north tower has started, been underway for a couple of weeks (south tower occupancy started a while ago). The Widmar sidewalk itself looks to be ready, however work on the townhouse frontage is continuing. Still some missing cladding at the top of the north tower.







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