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Consider visiting anywhere that isn't in North America.
The problem is North America is now so far behind compared to Europe and Asia. When it comes to the public transit realm that it has become a generational mindset, it is no longer a case of building the infrastructure. It is convincing people that the infrastructure is worth building. Just look at the conversations surrounding high-speed rail or even just transit in general. I live in a town that used to have rail for bringing in goods. Those tracks have now been torn up. Everything is brought in by truck. The thinking needs to change but I don't see it happening anytime soon

Cars = Quality of Life

Don't like? Move to a country without roads and ride a donkey.

I'll take civilization.

I guess we can’t call this place an echo chamber.

More on topic… is there any hope for possible return of the fruit dealer store with “new management” in place?
I guess we can’t call this place an echo chamber.
If you're around here long enough, you should be noting even for those of us who "take sides" can't agree with each other on a lot of things, lol. It happens because a lot of folks who post here are complex individuals who come from all walks of life and experiences. So instead, stick around and enjoy the show! /popcorn <3
Crane grew taller on Saturday: