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The other thing I very much notice looking at bloors picture the rebar is good for all of the vertical columns for the next floor and wondering if they plan on trying to close up and pour by end of day
Four Corners
So just looked back through a mixture of Benito and Bloors pictures and you are right, the verts for those walls are not there. I'm not sure if this means that that is no longer structurally needed, which is confusing considering the building isn't even at half height. Would think that those sheer walls would be required to at least the 50th floor
Photos taken today, Friday (Oct. 27). The first update of mine where we can see a full week of progression since the project was put into receivership. Since last Friday, the crane was raised with a new set of braces installed and the east Rail Climbing System has moved up to the 11th floor, with some glass now installed on the east side on that floor. But there seems to be no additional progress in installing the cladding on the 10th floor on the north face, let alone the west side. All the side-facing blue forms have been raised up past the second mechanical section, around the 40th floor, in fact, I happened to catch them moving up the very last section, on the west side. While the super column forms have not moved up since last week, the corner hanger forms have moved up one level.

After my usual "time-lapse" Flickr album update, a shot from the south on Yonge showing the work on that last form section being moved up with the crane now raised, then a view of the blue form being raised on the west side, seen from Bloor Street, followed by an after shot from the west showing all forms now placed. A shot showing the progress of the first mechanical section on the west side, then the view from Cumberland east of Bay followed by the view from Yonge a bit north of Bloor. And some shots showing the cladding now complete and visible on the east side for the first two hanging sections, i.e. to the 10th floor. Finally, the view from Bloor and Bedford to the west.

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Just more used to cranes having more of an overwatch height where as here the cab almost looks level with the current floor
The floor they need to brace the crane to may not be ready or there yet. However, they likely still needed to raise the said crane a bit to give it the height that needed to still do its job effectively...or something like that. And that's what you're probably seeing here.
I took these two days ago. The Davenport Curve is a great little area to see this, and 11 Yorkville go up from. The last picture is from Rosedale station.

This shot perfectly encapsulates the myopic mindset in Canada when it comes to the public realm. Everything about its design is a disaster yet the common view is that it looks fine, that we've always done it this way, and there couldn't possibly be a better way of doing it.

5 lanes for cars? Impossibly narrow sidewalk? A sidewalk made of concrete; could it get any more crude and primitive? A 'bike lane' nothing more than some lines painted on the roadway? Overhead electrical? It speaks to a society that doesn't value/has no clue how to build a beautiful public realm and a society that's never known anything else so view it as perfectly acceptable.

We could have beautiful cities that are a joy to walk around but we will never get there if we don't see how we've let cars ruin our cities from one end of Canada to the other. And before anyone calls me anti-car, I LOVE driving but we've paid a shockingly high price just so some people in our society can get where they want to a little faster in the 2,000 lbs of metal, rubber, glass, and plastic they insist on taking with them where ever they go.

We must get to a place where we value people (and our quality of life) over cars.
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