Toronto Tango at Concord Park Place | ?m | 31s | Concord Adex | P + S / IBI

Interesting that the newest plan shows the removal of two houses on Bessarion. It seems like only a matter of time before developers make offers on the remaining houses in the neighbourhood and Provost and Talara become the same street and Dervock becomes the street that runs into the Canadian Tire parking lot.
I hear they will be launching their next building soon... code name Building F.
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'The Next Phase' now has a name ... Tango @ Concord Park Place

Architect is Page & Steele / IBI Group

Location is southwest of Provost Dr + Esther Shiner Blvd, diagonally SW of Discovery:
Site plan

I guess the thread title can finally be updated ... :D
Tango (Concord Park Place, Concord Adex, 28s, P+S/IBI)
Concorde renders always look so nice....but the built product is such a letdown in many cases IMO.
I don't quite understand any of the layouts. Why did they put a storage room in every suite? Anyone care to explain?
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The townhouse units look amazing. This is what will make this site superior to the towers-in-a-park of the old days. A grocery store added to the Canadian Tire plaza would be the icing on the cake.
it seems their (Tango) amenities and interiors are a bit higher class than Discovery.

not true ... Tango and Discovery will be the same typical stuff that Concord Adex builds ... prepared to be amazed ~

difference being Tango has less amenities and is not in a large complex like Discovery
Tango will have two different facade treatments... whether they will look as if they are dancing together, well, it won't be Fred & Ginger:


Doesn't the name Tango imply there will be two towers? It takes two to ....

judging from the site plan below ... Tango will be a one tower project, there will be future towers to the south and southwest, but it appears it will operate independantly, guess we'll have to wait and see

Site plan