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Yup; there's a hint in this render that one side will be fair, and a bit shorter, and the other tall, dark and, we hope, handsome.

To go with Tango, other towers will be named Alpha, Whiskey, Foxtrot, etc....

As for retail, I haven't seen much about where, how much, and what sort of retail spaces will be built in Park Place. Concord only owns about 1 block of Sheppard frontage, which would be the best place for a grocery store (next to Bessarion station and within walking distance of something like 25,000 people and short driving distance of probably 200,000 people, it'd be insane to not have one and I'm sure any non-Loblaws supermarkets would fight for the spot). The Canadian Tire and IKEA sites might already contain most of the retail the area's going to get, but we'll see. There's not much point in filling the interior streets with retail...with Fairview and Bayview Village both right there, some assorted local service stores (Second Cup, dry cleaners, a few more banks) might be all that's warranted or supportable.
The Tango commercial has been running non-stop on a few channels on TV. The rate this is going I'll probably be sold on taking tango lessons.If thre's one thing Concord is doing right, it's brainwashing er marketing this while I'm catching local news coverage and soccer scores.
According to the p&s agreement, this project is going start construction February 2011. What will this entail in February?
u know what i noticed, the renderings lack the iconic concord podiums, if anything.. this building will have suites low to the ground..
They have started construction for Tango. Drove by the area today and saw they start digging up the ground/area.
my estimate ... 3 years minimum (considering all the infrastructure / servicing that they have to install)
What is Concord Adex projecting for completion ??