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well at least it doesn't sound COMPLETELY unreasonable .... but again I wouldn't expect anything less than 3 years for completion though
May 08



We now have a separate thread for Tango2 here. As it's across the street from Tango, hopefully it won't be too hard to keep things straight!

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July 09
Very little in the way of change in a month, but trucks were removing dirt today.
interesting how little they've accomplished in a month of largely good construction weather. am i missing something?
I would think their focus right now is to first finish Discovery I & II ...
looks like it'll take the whole summer to get that hole done, how many floors down is it btw?
december 2013 is going to be one tough deadline to make at this pace, delay or no delay is the question

has this master plan been approved by the city yet?

I did some research:
It will be 4 level parking
The building permit has not been approved yet, it is still under review
The only permit they have is shoring...
The pouring of the foundation, plumbing, mechanical, drain and site service has not been approved yet but its been submitted
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