Toronto St Lawrence Market North | 25.3m | 5s | City of Toronto | Rogers Stirk Harbour

Note the louvres at the roof level over the front entrance - they (I think) finished installing them this afternoon. See Photo 4 from Mr Mars. . Better than glass , which would have been very hard to clean.

What's an RSHP? Are you referring to architectural firm?

I'm noticing more and more acronyms on UT. I think it's bad form.
I mean, you'd think that with a site that gets more posters and more things to post about...that the vocabulary, including industry names and its short forms would expand.
You can just spell it out, which would take 1/2 second more out of your day, rather than force readers to do a Google search to know what you're talking about. The onus is on you, the poster, to make yourself understood, not the reader, to dig around to figure out what you mean.

I think the overuse of acronyms on UrbanToronto is drawing an invisible boundary between regulars / insiders and casual lurkers. Everyone should feel welcome here.

I won't belabour this anymore.
Yes, it's nice, but it's such a 'Toronto'-RSHP...

It's like we often go with starchitect firms just to say we had them design our buildings, not because we love architecture and a beautiful public realm. It's like the person who buys the cheapest Mercedes just to say he or she owns a Mercedes.