Toronto St Lawrence Market North | 25.3m | 5s | City of Toronto | Rogers Stirk Harbour

As @NorthernLight says, the costs increased due to delays and the frills were removed due to lack of $$. If it had moved faster it could have been better for no more $$. That said, it's a pretty decent building that I, at least, am looking forward to patronising.

I don't care much about the why; I care about the output.

Considering all the value engineering this still uses higher quality materials and has better attention to detail than most condos these days. Perhaps that's more an indictment of typical residential builds than anything though...

The difference is an architectural firm willing to take its name off a project if you make it irredeemable crap they wouldn't want to be associated with.....


A client (the City) who for all their flaws, would be mortified to have the above happen; where as most developers would shrug if their A-list firm walked away from the project.
I presume they're planning on putting some sorta vent covering on I can see in their current form as a temptation for parents to stuff their unruly children down. >.<
Is it just me or does the assembly look pretty rough? Some spot welding to bring the sections together it appears, but not much further finish. If that is it. Maybe they could complete the instal with a couple of Jersey Barriers to create the finished look we all know and love?