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Toronto skyline

Those cans used to be located off the east mall just north of the TFS/PARAMEDIC stationbefore being moved a few years ago.

I can't recall what year the CP obico yard closed (maybe also 2005?) and I didn't think it was all that long after the underpass was built at north queen street.
This afternoon from the inner harbour

IMG_20220823_164442267 1.jpg
Just a small piece of the skyline.

Royal Bank Plaza, peeking out between the towers of Brookfield Place, Sept 5th, 2022:

^This was great. My only minor quibble... a bit hazy (trying to sort those distant skylines to the west lol).

Here's a few screenshots: I hit pause on the south skyline view.. and got a ghost: 👻


St. Clair + Yonge-Eglinton

Y/E + North York

Humber Bay + distant skylines (Missie?).


All from the video: