Toronto Pinnacle One Yonge | 345.5m | 105s | Pinnacle | Hariri Pontarini

Quick photos of the entrance to the community centre that will be located on the second floor of the building. Also of the retail spaces at the north east corner. Maybe my hopes for an independent coffee shop or brunch place will materialize. Finally at Farm Boy which was moderately busy.View attachment 455775View attachment 455776

Another 'learning commons' or the like. Ugh. Grossly over-done concept, and almost always done badly too.

Look at that space, what there makes you think, "Wow, I really want to read a book here?" or :"This is the cool spot to hang w/my friends" These phrases will surely be said by just about no one.

Not a good use of finite space.
It's too bad Daniel's Lighthouse (West Tower) spiral didn't get this kind of prominent visual treatment. It's so subtle + the crappy spandrel that it's so drab. The pattern here is not that exciting, but at least you won't miss it.
^ If the rendering is true, once the next floor to be poured here for the inset portion of the podium (almost like a pedestal for the tower)... will be followed by the first tower floor. :)