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I for one am 100% certain it will catch and surpass The One before either are done.

The One started going up in June 2019, took 14 months just to reach the ground level in July 2020 then another 19 months to complete the podium levels(height of the adjacent elevator core) in Feb 2022. In the the year since its only gone up about 200 feet.

One Yonge meanwhile only started going up in July 2021, reached ground level just 9 months later in Apr 2022 and the podium will likely be completed in 12-14 months. They have the advantage of a much larger and less constrained site and a more straight forward floor plan.

People might think The One will really fly now that the most "complicated bits" are done but really the whole building is complicated. You don't have cantilever levels on One Yonge and those mid-floor mechanical levels on The One will also slow things down.

The One got most of the hype but in the end it will sadly never spend even a single day as the countries tallest, I'll bet anyone on that 😼

Careful, you can get in trouble for mentioning the incredibly slow pace of The One.
This morning.




Thursday night - an edge of One Yonge.
Might be the Queenston / Lewiston bridge to the far left and the Garden City Skyway to the right of the Falls towers.


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For $3,000,000 I sure hope the buyer knows they have about one year to enjoy that CN Tower view!

Gorgeous listing. But yes that CN Tower view is about 12 months away from going bye bye. I wonder if thats in the brokerage remarks. Buyer agents better do their due diligence haha.
Quick photos of the entrance to the community centre that will be located on the second floor of the building. Also of the retail spaces at the north east corner. Maybe my hopes for an independent coffee shop or brunch place will materialize. Finally at Farm Boy which was moderately busy.
What about the new rendering, is that approved yet?
Meaning are they changing the exterior expression? Whether they get the height increase they're looking for or not, they'll change the exterior expression. The City does not approve how something looks based on aesthetic concerns, they only make sure that cladding materials meet performance standards.