Toronto Pinnacle One Yonge | 345.5m | 105s | Pinnacle | Hariri Pontarini

From today
This and sugar wharf is Going to do irreversible and Massive changes to toronto's skyline
100% this entire area will be the new face of Toronto’s skyline. I’m excited for the growth and density, I just wish we didn’t have just a couple of architects doing so many towers, specially twin towers, using the same materials, similar heights, colour, design motifs etc.

unfortunately this whole area will have the typical masterplanned community look (repetitive, homogenous) this is the downside of having entire city districts built from scratch at the same time. There’s no layers of rich history, multiple architects with diversity of styles. Ultimately, the scale and density will still look impressive in photos.
Provided that they build at a floor every 7 days which is pretty typical, this should pass The One towards the end of this year. The One is averaging around one floor every 12 days, and will have 2 more mechanical levels in that time to do which take about a month each.. so sometime around the end of this year I could see the pass happening, around the 45 floor mark.

That’s just for total floor count though, The One will likely be physically taller for another few months after that as it’s average floor height is larger.
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