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205 Yonge Street

This is the old bank building just to the north of the empty lot. As I reported months ago, it is displaying sold signs out front. It is now also flying an Irish flag. Does anybody have an idea about what's going in there?

(edit: the address is 205 Yonge - not 201 Yonge)
Re: 201 Yonge Street

it's more an 'uncared for parkette that turns into a giant mud hole when it rains' than an 'empty lot'
Re: 201 Yonge Street

It's a great place to wait in line during the Film Festival though - shady, and places to sit. Not quite as good as the line at Ryerson, where you can sit under the trees all the way around the block, but almost.
Parasuco Hotel (199 Yonge redevelopment, Parasuco, 26s, LeMay Michaud)

I've been spending a lot of time at the Elgin lately as the film festival is on, and I've been thinking about those two banks and that little parkette on the east side of Yonge just north of the Elgin and Winter Garden Theatres.

Well lo and behold, but didn't a little bird alight upon my shoulder and twitter that the beautiful old boarded-up bank at 199 Yonge which was sold to Parasuco jeans in 1999 and has been vacant ever since is finally in play again! Apparenlty they're considering putting in a flagship retail location there, but are also looking at developing the site with a tower, perhaps for a boutique hotel. Upshot: a facadectomy could be coming up.

So that's what he told me, nearly verbatim! And now you know too...

If they were to put a tower there, I would not want either of those buildings to be touched. They are very awesome. Why would Parasuco sit on that building like that and leave it vacant. They shouldn't even be allowed to. Have they been maintaining it and keeping it up?
The Bank of Commerce at 197 Yonge was designated in 1990. The designation by-law makes no mention of the interiors, and simply details the important elements of the facade. Although the entire building is protected by the Ontario Heritage Act, speculation of a "facadectomy" might not be unfounded.

I believe that the Bank of Toronto at 205 Yonge was protected both for its facade and its interiors (the banking hall).
That's an upshot?

Likely what he meant was that the facade will be cleaned up and restored to it's original glory. At least that is what I hope he meant.

I would like to know who this little birdie who gave that info is.....
"Upshot" doesn't equal "upside". So in the wording "Upshot: a facadectomy could be coming up.", Interchange42 means "The final outcome could mean a facadectomy".

Better than nothing, but I like those two bank halls the way they are. I wouldn't be against a full interior gutting, however, particularly for 199 Yonge.

Anyone remember when 205 Yonge was a public building for Heritage Toronto? (You'll note Heritage Toronto's logo references the building it occupied at the time).
197 owns not only the park but the entire parking lot in behind so there should be more than enough room for a tower without touching the building
I'm not sure which one it is, but I'm still trying to figure out why one of them has the flag of Ireland on it.
A tower behind, with a podium that comes out to fill the gap between the two historic buildings would be awesome. Something to complete that streetwall, with a look reminiscent of before the building there was demolished. Filling that gap, and bringing life back to those two buildings would be wonderful in my eyes, as I absolutely love them.