Toronto Massey Tower Condos | 206.95m | 60s | MOD Developments | Hariri Pontarini



This is the northern former bank building most recently Heritiage Toronto HQ. Sign out front says it's sold.
Interesting. I had been hoping the city would purchase the north and the south buildings together which, combined with the appropriate in-fill addition, might have made a fantastic space for a museum or gallery or something.


Canadian Music Hall of Fame?

Stinson Condotel 3?

Museum of the City of Toronto?

Michael Dibiase's home in exile?

Consulate General of Mississauga? seniors residence?

mystified 42
Metronome? (the building that never dies)

A W hotel?


the new Ryerson building fronting Yonge Street?

the new Manulife tower? (the rumour that never dies!!!)

Hey, it's truer to its original function than anything else yet suggested...
It must be something fancy, as I remember that those buildings were listed for a pretty penny.
I've heard it will be an 80 storey condo with rounded corners.
Is this the one that was supposed to be a Parasuco Jeans store (with a big sign that was up for more than a year?)?
does the south building (197 yonge) still have a sign as I can't locate the online listing anymore
interesting as 197 Yonge is the one will plenty of density and developable space to spare (probably why this smaller building with fewer upgrades was listed at about 3 times the price of 205)