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June 9
The first batch of photos are up and will do this posting in 2 section starting with the 407 bridge

This show the gap from the south end to the north where the guideway will be in phase 2

Looking south from the north it looks like they have added a grider over the eastbound lane sitting on a stub for the centre pier as the road doesn't line up with the exist grinders. I expect the same will happen when the northbound is done with a grider being place between the centre pier and the north new pier support.

New north pier support being built

Pier work on the east side to support the new off ramp and widening of the bridge



New southbound lanes
From the number of trips by car, I always felt Brampton was a make work area with very little going on for it. Sunday walk did show some work has taken place, but no idea what.

As for Wet/Dry Utilizes, from Ray Lawson to Steeles is no different than the Cooksville area that I saw work on going on one side for blocks and both sides for a block. Never photograph Cooksville that much like other section and hard to say what has to happen between the QEQ and Dundas for the northbound lanes now the southbound lanes are finished and open to the Queensway as of today. Still a lot of work south of the Queensway. With traffic now been switch to the centre for northbound traffic, work can take place in the northbound curb lane.

As for permits, that has been a common complete I have being hearing for the past 18 months and don't if Brampton has done the same thing as Mississauga to deal with it. According to the Mississauga Commissioner of Transportation and Works, a special process has been setup to fast track permits so long the paperwork is correct in the first place. There are still issues getting permits today.

The one thing I fail to note is the fire station on Hurontario. I expect it will the a standard guideway for intersection with traffic light in place of the flash lights to allow the fire vehicles to go north.

All bus stops in Mississauga has seen the wooden platforms to allow work to take place in the layover areas or the curb stops that is still on going and Brampton stops are no exceptions. The bus shelter and concrete pad is a different story as I have not seen any to date and only the ones I saw were for the northbound ones only. Who paying for those concrete pads and moving the shelters??
As always, thank you for your constant updates. This is one of the threads that keeps me going when I don't have much to do.

The thing with Brampton is that a lot of their utilities run through the middle of Main street, and then they have T junctions that go to other buildings. They're going to need to dig up the middle of the street where the median once was in order to relocate the utilities to the corners. It looks like they're planning on shifting the utilities over to the northbound lanes as they used to have a curb where they have the fences now.

It's going to be a really busy time when they have to start doing median work, and I imagine they're eventually going to have to have alternating traffic between the northbound and southbound lanes while they shut down the middle of the road to do work.

The permit process is always a mess no matter what city you go to. I used to work construction, and every time we had to get permits pulled for something, it would take a few weeks, only to get back the wrong permit because someone at the city decided that what we were quoting didn't make sense. So we'd have to get an inspector out to explain to them what we're doing and have them essentially give us the notes for the permit just so we could waste more time reissuing permits and being unable to do work UNTIL we get those permits.... Lol.

I think for the fire station on Hurontario they'll probably have a whole section there with the flashing lights and cut the curb so the firetrucks can get through. I would like to see them change the flashing amber lights to flashing red LED's so they get more attention on the road. What's missing in that section there is a "no stopping" section which I know some fire stations have. Hopefully that's baked into the design when things come down here.

I wish I knew who was paying for the concrete pads and moving the shelters, I really do LOL. I think Brampton's just paying for it with their section of the work that needs to be done. I guarantee there's a bunch of cost overruns given just how late everything is. There's absolutely no way we're launching this in 2024. I would be extremely surprised if we did.
I'm so confused. Did they just reopen the southbound section within the last couple of days? I'll have to drive down again just to see what it looks like.
Not in Brampton that I know of, but south of Dundas. All it needed on Sunday was stripping, relocation of traffic lights and barrier across the north end of the northbound lanes to stop 407 vehicles turning down the northbound lanes like they have for the past year and continue paving the sidewalk. Can use asphalt curb in place of concrete until the road is to be rebuilt late 2025.

There was no asphalt sidewalk in most places from the 407 off ramp for the eastbound ramp to Kingsway including a curb. No curb for the off ramp and two areas to be pave. Same can be said on the north side.

On thing I noticed in my photos for the gap, they are putting a column support underneath the centre pier that will support another grider for the northside I said was going to take place. Never noticed when I shot it from both ends until I posted it here.

The earliest this line will be up and running will be Q1 2026 at this time and maybe push back to 2027 if the loop is ready to open then. Once the line is in service, the big mistake for the line will take place and that is splitting the line in 2 with hope of a bypass train.

As for the fire station, prefer to see traffic lights with road marking for stopping. They will remain green until the vehicles have to leave the station. Send a clear message to everyone that you need to stop as I have seen vehicles not stopping when flashing.

With all the work to be done in Brampton, leaves the door open to have the Steeles station move to the northside like is is to happen by the way of a change order and extra cost added to the contract.
June 18
I had to go to Sq One this afternoon and decided to kill a few birds along the way, Use the Valleys to Fairview to have a look at the Alba Condos and then head north on Hurontario to the 403 before going to Sq One.

Finally got a look at traffic for Fairview. Traffic was backup going north on the Valley from Fairview to Central Pkwy and blocking driveways that southbound could turn into their residents. traffic was light on Fairview heading east and will be plug in an hour time. Westbound was backup to the Valley from Hurontario with only one lane open for turning in both directions as well going west as only 1-4 cars were getting across Hurontario. Eastbound traffic from the west was very heavy than nominal

A number of eastbound Fairview drivers crossing Hurontario barely been miss getting hit by a southbound drivers running the red light to make a left turn.

A few northbound ones barely miss get hit by southbound cars pulling a U-turn in the open space of the construction zone for Central Parky intersection who fail to yield to the northbound traffic to make a right turn onto CP.

Nothing has taken place for the substation other than the hole dug for it.

"Oh!!" what do I see on the Led Signs?? Was expecting it that the the CP intersection was to reopen on June 24 and it will now be July 03 if that. Only a few intersections have reopen as schedule with most been late by a few day to 2 weeks. They are ready to pour one huge block of concrete for the road between the 2 tracks. Rails are wrap for concrete, but framing of the tracks still has to be done. Don't recall seeing this at other intersection, then I have seen every intersections poured

Sure hope Mobilinx partners are supplying their crews with water and taking more break in for the heat like I have seen on some projects I been on in the last 10 years.

One thing I noticed was the northbound track curves to the east from the southside of the intersection for the platform at CP.. Nothing new for CP Platform.

Took a break in the shard at Elm Dr and watch was taking place for the intersection, A few pedestrians came close crossing Elm W as well southside of Elm for Hurontario by car turning illegal on a red or a U-turn without stopping. The Northbound traffic wasn't backup to CP like it has been in the past, but close to 3/4 of the way, Again, only 4-6 cars are making a turn on the green and the major issues for most intersections that have backup on Hurontario.

Duct work is being place for the Burnhamthorpe station and it will be about 200' walk to it from Burnhamthorpe and the worse position station today from the intersection. In one sense you can say the station is almost in the centre of Matthew Gates and Burnhamthorpe. The placement could be because of the T connection for Burnhamthorpe, but remembering Topflight layout, the platform can be closer to Burnhamthorpe than it is.

The heat got to me and cancel rest of my plan trip by heading to Sq One to cool off.

Photos will be up in the next day or so. I was sure on the last batch I posted today as I wasn't happy with the shots and the 2 videos I shot from an 103 bus from Brampton that was 20km over the limit and the camera setting wasn't for that speed.

I had to slow down the speed of this video and the 2 videos are short due to the bag of groceries falling off the seat or the floor for the high area to get a better shot than driving the route. I also had the focus issue since I did no have the video camera with me since I had no plans to shoot videos when I left home on June 09.
June 18
All the photos for the day are now up on site



If they built the platform for 2 cars, it will be a shorter walk from Matthew Gates

How far is that walk from Burnhamthorpe to the platform for the station


Lets do a U-turn on the red without stopping
June 24
Had a meeting up at Eglinton today and had enough time to take a bus ride to Bampton and then to the first meeting of the day. After the meeting, had time to walk from Eglinton to the bus terminal to catch my next bus. Since the 2nd meeting ended up been short, it allowed me to have a look at Central Parkway with some good daylight.

Central Parkway
The base for the centre section had been pour and hard to say if it will be strip and be part of the pour to anchor the ties in place as the base coat.

Square One Dr
Everything in place to have concrete pour to anchor the tracks in place as base coat for the road area. It could be a 1 or 2 pour for the topcoat. The exiting left turn off Square One will be put back in for a single lane leaving the curb lane for right turn. I have a feeling that there will be no left turn for northbound unless they do a wide sweeping turns that may cause some problems. Southbound traffic will be shifted to the right using the turning lane for both right turn and through traffic.

Only the area I shot over a week is seeing work and putting dirt on top it as either mid fill or that all being done for it.
Hydro is almost finished their work there as very few vehicles there than my last trip.

All the tracks in place between Eglinton and the plaza driveway and ready for concrete with the northside is not even close having rail place.

I thought of stopping off at Matheson to see what taking place, but not enough time to do it. Only a single lane going north as they were paving the curb lane with the eastbound curb lane dug up and look like copper wires there. They could be installing power cables from the LRT to the substation.

Waltline crossover still not touch, but some thing was taking place going north and nothing on the way back

Nothing has taken place from Eglinton to Topflight crossover, with the crossover area tracks fully pour now. You can only get an LRV as far south by towing it to just north of Courtney Park today and that it. Next to no workers working on trackwork or having concrete pour for what is ready to be pour.

Everything is ready to have the southbound lanes open this weekend with only shifting of the current barriers. The road is fully strip for both directions

Only a small crew doing some trench work for the southbound area and the rest same as my last trip.

I have downloaded everything to the computer and found very few videos of what I thought I was reordering with the new camera as the view screen was going blank that requires me to do some more setup changes. Its something I have come upon in the past. In many ways, it was the best thing to happen as there were too many sports on the window that show up going north compared to coming south. Hard to say when anything will be uploaded for viewing as its is busy week for me as well a few nights being to meetings.
It seems that all the infrastructure from Bartley Bull Parkway to Hurontario/407 has been relocated since I don't see the trench shield anywhere on the road anymore. All that needs to be done is curb prep, concrete pouring and paving. The e-mail I received from Metrolinx seems to believe that guideway construction in the area is going to happen later this year, so maybe we'll start seeing more activity around September or October. I drove on the 407 and the pier work similar to your photos is ongoing.

I'm hoping they're going to be able to shift traffic over if they've finished the curb prep and painted the lines for the new lanes. We'll see, and I'll go back and check around the second or third week in July.
Random question, but does anyone know what the likelihood is of the City fixing / repaving large sections or (if possible) the entire length of Hurontario post completion of the HRT? The condition of the road is honestly terrible to drive along. It’s like riding a roller coaster at time if you aren’t actively avoiding massive pot holes, uneven transitions and patches, and protruding manholes. Just curious what the plan is as the worn out road will be a sharp contrast to the brand new HRT system.
Random question, but does anyone know what the likelihood is of the City fixing / repaving large sections or (if possible) the entire length of Hurontario post completion of the HRT? The condition of the road is honestly terrible to drive along. It’s like riding a roller coaster at time if you aren’t actively avoiding massive pot holes, uneven transitions and patches, and protruding manholes. Just curious what the plan is as the worn out road will be a sharp contrast to the brand new HRT system.
Mississauga has no plans to fix Hurontario during the construction of the LRT as it is up to the contractor to do it as they do the work. Unless some thing major happen, only then they will they fix it depending on what caused the major issue in the first place. Once the project is completed, full paving of the road will take place. As the curb lane is rebuilt, a new subbase is paved over it as final level until final paving can take place late 2025 or early 2026 at this time or when section may see it sooner once completion is fully done for it.

Mississauga has stated that the road is not to be touch between 5-10 years for anything unless a major issue takes place and all unities companies are required to make changes and upgrading to their system to meet future needs before the road is fully rebuilt and pave.

As someone who ride the buses on this corridor, its a rough ride these days regardless which lane it is in. Its a fact of life for any road anywhere seeing work done on it to be rough during construction with some of the new pavement cut up under a year after completion.
June 24
Square One Drive


No idea what happen for this video shooting location