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Apr 29, 2007
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There's something going on at the south west corner of the Cadillac-Fairview building at 20 Queen St W.

Any ideas? I thought they might be replacing the old entrance on the corner, which still looks like a miniature version of the old Yonge & Dundas mall entrance, pre-retrofit.

They are currently screwing steel poles into the sidewalk on the corner, which has been surrounded by plywood boards for a few days. A sign is diverting people to second entrance within the mall.
From Cadillac Fairview's website:

The Cadillac Fairview Tower "renewal" continues! Tenants will start to see the visual evidence when lobby renovations begin in October 2007. This exciting project features a completely redesigned and very impressive grand entrance off Queen Street. Inside also receives the "renewal" treatment with updated finishes to the ceiling, floors and hand rails; giving the lobby a fresh new contemporary feeling. Cadillac Fairview is committed to enhancing the tenant and visitor experience by bringing you the latest in design, comfort and environmentally friendly surroundings.



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Too bad. I really liked the old glass structure and it was the last bit of the Eaton Centre (entrances) that remained unchanged from the original design.

The new, more corporate 'contemporary' design, I fear, will feel dated sooner rather than later.
any idea when they're planning to replace the bridge between the Eaton Centre and the Bay, that thing is hideous.. seems like it would be easy to lift something new in place there, and imagine if it was something with some artistic thought put into it, the old one looks like it was bought second hand from the soviet union
Sure, at this rate, you might as well rip down the Galleria and replace it with something less "dated"...
looks like an entrance into a new TTC station
Why doesn't Cadillac Fairview spend some of this money sprucing up the Yonge Street Wall with more interactive advertising, and less backlit shit.

It only makes sense now that Metropolis is nearing completion; dont they want their side of the street to remain relevant?
Funny how just yesterday, I was sitting in the McDonalds and noticed how that corner atrium could make a better main entrance on Queen St. The current one doesn't represent the world famous Eaton Centre well.

...And speaking of outdated. While the Eaton Centre should remain more or less intact, it is falling behind in disrepair. It is beginning to look very 1980's. I think it could use some sprucing up. While I wouldn't go as far as to advocate replacing the atrium roof, the windows could use some changing. Yorkdale is clearly moving ahead of Eaton Centre as our nicest mall.