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come on now, what about Scarborough Town Centre? ... where else can you get swarmed by gangs of rowdy youths?

pretty doubtful about how this new entry is going to turn out, the rendering sure isnt inspiring. Whats the point of putting out a blah rendering and then labelling it as subject to change? I guess they are fishing for feedback from forums such as this.... "try again"
I'm just wondering why they're even bothering rebuilding, other than on flaky nitwit grounds that the existing entrance was "dated".

Maybe the biggest pain in the neck is that now you gotta enter the tower by convoluted means via the Eaton Centre upper level, i.e. this rebuilding is a functional and circulational disaster for however many months, and for what reason, indeed..."datedness"...
If the entrance is looking date, so is the tower, with those rounded corners and all. That's what they're doing away with at the entrance, so why not get the scaffolding out and extent all those curves into pointy edges?

This entrance re-do strikes me as a waste too, and the interior rendering looks especially trashy - the stairs and the garish marble make this place look second-rate.

Perhaps there are maintenance issues and they figure its cheaper to redo completely. Or to attract and/or maintain tenants the figure the lobby needs to be modernized.
I agree that your second comment is likely the rationale. Whether they are right or not, or whether they do a good job or not, is yet to be seen...

This entrance re-do strikes me as a waste too, and the interior rendering looks especially trashy - the stairs and the garish marble make this place look second-rate.

But it already had stairs and garish marble;-)

Anyway, re the "attract and maintain tenants" matter; hey, if it's the kind of tenants who bulldoze Eden Smith houses for Forest Hill McMansions, whaddaya expect...
Mostly lawyers, the OSC etc. I think. Perhaps some tenants are considering moving to the new office towers now under construction, and the owners of this one want to make "improvements" in order to keep the place lovely and desirable and forever young?

The facelift and tummy-tuck "improvement" to the Yonge and Dundas entrance - actually a mean, cramped downgrade - is another example of what change for the sake of fashion can do to perfectly fine lobbies.
I think that John Turner's firm is in that building. I forget their name. They are sort of a rag-tag fugitive fleet of the survivors of many other law firms.
I think I know the one you're talking about, and I think they moved to Scotia Plaza over the last year or so--maybe that's why they're remodelling; to wishfully repatriate ex-PMs...
Did they? I'm behind on my gossip. I know Blaneys moved out to Maritime Life, and if that other firm left it would make sense that they are redoing the lobby to attract new tenants for all those floors, seeing as there is lots of shiny, brand new space coming on the market too.
I hate those billboards and real estate marketing in general.

Why post renderings and details of the actual project when you can slap up huge stock photography portraits of random smiling people? I think I've seen that one in a Microsoft ad before.

The industry must be hiring DeVry graduates for this brilliant work.
true regarding real estate marketing in general - its all about emotional appeal and lifestyle packaging. Yep, you know I am not a fan of marketing whatsoever - who out there is gullible enough to buy anything based on perceived and formulated benefits?
^^As little as I use the space, I kind of feel the same way-especially that bridge across Queen it is horrible.

With regards to the remodel of the Cadillac Fairview Tower entrance- another horrible piece. You'd think that with all the new projects, and fairly decent looking ones that they are building, that this would not get cast off as a side-note..but that is exactly what is seems to have turned out like..