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Jan 2, 2019
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Though we seem to be getting a bit of topic here, the official zoning on the helicopter flight-paths is at: Frankly, I cannot really understand the details but others may.
For some reason the attachments in the final report are poor quality. See the preliminary reports attachments/ schedule for diagrams that are legible.
Preliminary Report:

A quote that is similar in both reports "The proposed airport zoning regulations will not prevent new development from occurring, they only will control the height of developments within the defined and protected flight paths. Almost all sites in the vicinity of the hospital helipads have existing zoning with maximum heights that are lower than the hospital helipad flightpaths. The airport zoning regulations would still allow for considerable maximum building heights, (subject to other relevant Official Plan and planning policy) as the flightpaths extend vertically the further that they are from the hospitals. In fact, at their maximum distances, the flight paths still allow for building heights of over 200 metres tall. " Airport Zoning Regulation to Protect Hospital Helicopter Flight Paths – Preliminary Report (Aug, 2017).

If there is anything I understand from this report the maximum height would be lower than 162m. I would suspect this restriction is also on crane height(temporary obstacle)? The grey area with the heights on the attachments is the Obstacle Limitation Surfaces (OLS). Transport Canada defines OLS as "A surface that establishes the limit to which objects may project into the airspace associated with an aerodrome consisting of the following; a takeoff surface, an approach surface, a transitional surface and an outer surface" (Transport Canada- Land Use In The Vicinity of Aerodromes, 2014).

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Feb 26, 2008
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Mid Week Special

The fifth floor was poured yesterday, you may still notice the concrete is darker than the completely cured sixth floor above


Steel posts and beams are filling in the last two levels (level#7 and level#8)


The exterior framing walls of the bus depot and mechanical room above appear to be a work in progress. I do not know why they have used the zigzag pattern while framing the uprights



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Apr 24, 2007
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skycandy's first pic will be documented as the firsrt "dark and brooding" version of the myriad looks this tower will offer.

Ever notice how 99.78% of english language authors use "myriad" once or twice in every book, be it spy thriller or real "literature". I have a myriad of feelings about this.