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Hopefully they can get to the repeating floors before the end of summer and then this baby will really start to zoom. I fully understand the immense construction challenges with this site but progress has been so painfully slow here.
June 14, 2023:

I assume that's the structural frame used to suspend the eventual curtain wall?
The more I think about this tower, the more excited I get about it. I just didn't realize how much of an impact it's going to have due to its location. It's really going to give that area a completely different look as it's really going to add to the front street canyon, and the bay street canyon. I think it's because most of the renderings I saw didn't really show it from that point of view, mostly skyline shots.
Because the tower footprint is angled away from the street grid (and from Phase 1), we’ll one day see some very different ‘magic hour’ curtain-wall diamond magic from its sibling across the rail corridor... can’t wait. 📷
This has come a long way from a year ago when the core was just barely out of the ground. Anticipating the commencement of regular floors and a much faster construction pace.