Toronto Bisha Hotel and Residences | 146.91m | 44s | Lifetime | Wallman Architects

Page 8, second paragraph of "Proposal".

Good sir, I stand corrected ... sheesh why make it so complicated, it must fall under the generic "Institutional/Other GFA" space.

The development proposes restaurant uses and a residential lobby on the ground floor,
accessed through the public laneway to the north of the site; hotel functions and guest
rooms on the second to tenth floors, accessed via a ground floor lobby on the Blue Jays
Way frontage and from a public lane that abuts the site to the north; and residential
dwelling units on floors 12 to 39.
Been a while since the last photo update:

no the building hasn't moved, the heritage wall will stays its location and they will framed just like 5 St Joseph condo on yonge

My understanding, from a supervisor on the site, is that the heritage wall is to be pulled forward, to end up over the sidewalk, for the excavation and construction process. The front wall will then will be pushed back into position once the building has reached (or is above) grade. The wall will not be staying in its current location, and will not be framed at the edge of the excavation like the 5 St. Joseph Street building. The wall is to end up back in (or near) its current location after the return move.
That wall is to be moved based on the support in place when I saw it last week. It looks like it maybe move to that huge slab in front of it.

Having not follow this or most projects since I got back from Europe, I am out of date as to what is going on at this time.
does this new concrete pad on the street is prepared to move in a little bit forward the heritage building in temporarily during construction period or they just built to use ground space for construction materials ?
No, the concrete pad will stay where it is until the underground of the new structure is complete. They will left the building, set it on the concrete pad, rainwater will run through the gap in the concrete pad left at the curb, the site will be excavated, the garage and underground structures will be build to ground level, the building will shift to its final position which is likely to be right up against the sidewalk.