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Peaked in this now much bigger excavation last week and it looks like they should be getting their crane soon.
Not quite yet..this is a deep one...I was told they are just over half way to go..6 floors underground

Nice I didn't realise thank you. It looked to be leveling off at around 4 but that would be perfectly inline with your statement of just over half way to six. Perhaps they are leveling off for another set of tiebacks.
June 12, 2013

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Based on current progress, what do you guys think the occupancy date will be roughly?
My guess is Spring '15.
at least 3.5 years from today

That would be January 2017 at the earliest. Based on where the excavation is now, I would expect six months to complete excavation and build back up to grade, another couple of months for the first couple of non-standard floors, one month for the first of the typical floors, and then ten months for the typical floors. After that, three months for the penthouse, mechanical penthouse and rooftop, and then finally six months for internal finishes and building systems preparations for first occupancy. Total ( baring strikes or other extraneous issues) should be 28 months from now, or January 2016 at the earliest for initial (i.e. first resident) occupancy. January 2017 seems unduly pessimistic - should be some time in 2016. That having been said, Skygrid is a relatively new General Contractor (GC) in the Toronto market, but my understanding is that they have hired a number of experienced estimators and project managers from other builders. Skygrid does have a number of projects underway so it will be interesting to see whether they have adequate skilled resources to handle all the work they have taken on.
The Bisha site has had a second row of shoring piles visible south of the northern edge of the site - going in around 40 feet or so from the east edge of the excavation. For a long time it was not obvious why the piles were there - neither survey error or shoring contractor mistake seemed to be reasonable explanations in this day and age.

Turns out that the piles were there for a reason - and it is symptomatic of the type of problems that may be encountered in dense downtown locations, especially when there are pre-existing components on the site to be maintained. The south side of the Bisha site is occupied with another building, and the north and west sides of the site are used by active laneways. Then the lane enclosure along west side of Blue Jays Way was largely taken up by the facade of the original building on the site. As a result - not only no staging space, but no space to have a ground level excavator to finish the excavation activities, including digging out the ramp, and no space for the dump trucks to park while being loaded.

The second set of piles is to support a girder base for a platform, to both accommodate the ground level excavator (dump trucks to park behind the excavator on the west lane of Blue Jays Way), and then serve as staging space for the construction. The girder framework for the platform, to extend over the completed excavation in the north-east corner of the site, is currently being installed.
Aug 10
It not the first time they had to built a support deck over the hole due to lack of space and will see more in the coming years. The Palm Condo was the last one I saw using this method.

This area will be used for the ramp at the end if I remember right.



Very interesting update, thank you AHK and drum118.

They still have a lot of material to remove.
As a note, the deck should be finish by the end of the month.

They just built a deck at Front & Bay to do the same thing on the 2nd platform project as well the connection to Union Loop for TTC.

That was fast as it wasn't there Sunday