Toronto Bisha Hotel and Residences | 146.91m | 44s | Lifetime | Wallman Architects

Most of the interior/back walls have been gutted and demolished. You can now see into the building a lot better walking by.
from today

Seriously, by the time this thing gets finished, it will look dated. The interiors already do!
I find it odd there is no retail here ! They could have included retail space, there is a bar right next door !
Nope, from the city application, 0 space for retail, 0 space for office ... there's a bunch of space for "institutional / other" which I assume is the hotel ... so unless the hotel includes retail space that doesn't count ?
Does this project not include a couple bars/restaurants/cafes? I thought that was the plan.

Yes, Bisha contains bars and restaurants and a hair salon to go along with all the more typical condo amenities. The floor plans for the podium and the roof top where you'll find these facilities are included in the dataBase. Bisha is a hotel as well as a condo run by one of the princes of Toronto's restaurant and nightclub scenes - so of course these facilities are going to be here.