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I can't comment on the look of the building (well I can, but I don't want to get involved in that discussion) but I'm very much hopeful for the public realm benefits this project will bring in terms of the farmers market.
so i too am super excited for the farmers market - tho it's suppose to link to the Ellie building next door, when is that being built?
ALSO - man my husband has been complaining to me about how ugly it is, is it THAT ugly? it's not the worst..... right? lol

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Anyone looking for retail space,.... at 5200 Yonge - Sorbara Beacon
Ground: $65.00 per sq.ft. 11,000 sq.ft. (divisible)
Second: $30.00 per sq.ft. 30,000 sq.ft. (divisible)
TMI:$20.00 per sq.ft.
Available:Summer 2018
Brochure has lots of interesting images and suggested division of retail,... none seem rented yet?


Ignore the MarketMew image,... it's old,... up to date "NY Square" Market Style Mew images are on EllieCondo thread,... yeap, "NY Square",... what do you expect from the same CityPlanner that got us "OliveSquare" (southeast corner of Yonge & Finch),... when Olives are round!!! Now MelLastmanSquare I can understand since Mel is kind of,...


These retail partition are just suggested,.... no tenants yet,... could be bigger, could be smaller,....




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Where did the "loft"-esque treatment to the windows go? I know a render is a render but the 4x2 pattern horizontal pattern has been replaced by a much more commonplace configuration.

On a more positive note, second-floor retail seems to work well in this area. I've noticed quite the large clothing store on the second floor of Menkes' Gibson Square that seems quite fancy.


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Development has greatly slowed down in NYCC. The Sorbara project is the only one actively under construction. There is another one just up the road at Churchill but it hasn't started construction yet. The only other construction is the Sheppard Centre renovation and new tower.

Maybe once ReImagine Yonge gets approvals that will trigger a new wave of condos in NYCC.
Development has greatly slowed down in NYCC. The Sorbara project is the only one actively under construction. There is another one just up the road at Churchill but it hasn't started construction yet. The only other construction is the Sheppard Centre renovation and new tower.

Maybe once ReImagine Yonge gets approvals that will trigger a new wave of condos in NYCC.
Irony being a "new wave of condos" is exactly what we do not want, once ReImagine Yonge gets approval. There aren't enough jobs in the area to be filled by new/existing residents, so biking/walking to work is probably not an option for most (of course there are outliers to this).
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Thats what will get built. There is no demand for commercial office outside of downtown unless the city offers a tax incentive of some kind.
I find that's a bit of an overstretch ... not that I disagree, more office space would be greatly welcomed.

But do not forget what already exists - there is 8-11 million square feet ish (a little less as I believe this includes the Yonge and York Mills node and the set of office buildings on sheppard East just off Yonge)

This is more than was planned for VCC or Markham City Center on full build out from what I recall (at least the current plans).

I think what would help is filling said offices, as vacancy rates have been slowly increasing over the years, at one point say maybe 10 years ago or so they were some of the lowest in the GTA, not so anymore; As you all imply downtown and even the Y&E/Y&C nodes are in much higher demand. Don't forget this node is now more akin to VCC, given there is a subway to both. So I think it's going to be tough going for a little while, I forcast increased vacancy rates over the next 5 years or so; As I don't see demand downtown letting up (and VCC is cheaper atm and a compelling alternative). At some point, as prices keep dropping (as demand lowers), a hope is that'll encite new tenants.

So slowing NYCC development leaving plots of lands available may not be a bad thing; With that said, I really doubt we'll much more office space dev in NYCC ... ever ... there just aren't that many more plots of land left (dev will only occur on Yonge and only up to Finch ... bus terminal area isn't feasible of course) ... and feasible plots will likely be eroded by condos; I do think Hullmark and Menkes were a mistake if you take a long 30+ year view ... they should be left until office demand increases (and again I see that happening) but a long time from now.

I honestly think NYCC is fine as is (fill the buildings though) it's fairly dense for a node in the GTA, I think we just need more such nodes (in VCC, Markham, ...) while Y&E can actually see more office space (it has considerably less actually).
Impressive canyon forming on this side of the street. 5151 Yonge Street (north-east corner of Yonge-Empress) is also a sizeable lot, I'd imagine a two-tower proposal in the near future.

Define "near future",...
The land @ NE Yonge-Empress corner is owned by the City, hosts a Green "P" Parking and small historical building; City will only sell that land to office developer. Ditto for NW Yonge-Sheppard corner - City land that host temporary structure for McDonald's & 7-11,... for at least another 10 years.

The recently built Keg @ SE Yonge-NorthYorkBlvd/Elmwood is basically a temporary structure since City would have fought tooth and nail to get office tower there since already office tower directly south and across Yonge Street.

Issue is area has been loosing too much prime Yonge Street Office-land at Subway Stations to residential condo development (ie Menkes GibsonSquare @ NW Yonge-ParkHomes/Empress, Menkes EmpressWalk @ SE Yonge-ParkHomes/Empress, Tridel HullmarkCentre @ SE Yonge-Sheppard with 12+3 storey of BS Office-Condo still being 70% empty - we'll see same at EllieCondo to north),..... Menkes 4800 Yonge 49 storey condo proposal @ SW Yonge-Sheppard???

Recent slowdown in condo-development is more working through the glut of investor condos at Menkes's GibsonSquare, Tridel HullmarkCenter, Bazis EmeraldPark, 88 Sheppard, etc,... all finishing about the same time. Trick is to get new development in the in-between subway stations areas closer to Church/Churchill.

Anyways,.... since amalgamation 20 years ago, NorthYorkCentre has 60 new residential condo tower built VS only 1 office tower (5000 Yonge): thus, Vertical Sleeping Community. Over the last few years, North York Centre has been losing about 500-700 local jobs each year! (while gaining about 3,000 new residents annually): thus NorthYorkCentre becoming more and more of a Vertical Sleeping Community!!!!

Note: NorthYorkCentre flat-lined in 2015 but last year's gain was mainly a one-time 6,250 increase "attributed to the inclusion of Toronto District School Board (TDSB) employees not previously counted, as both Centres contain TDSB district offices where those employees without a regular place of work are generally based." (in other words NorthYorkCentre employment data is still declining 500-700 local jobs each year) Page 14:


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