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Another high-rise in the works (26 floor). Corner of Railroad and Mill, currently the Dominion Skate Factory. Right across from the GO/VIA station.

1. An Application by KORSIAK & COMPANY LIMITED - STONE MANOR DEVELOPMENTS – (File: C1W6.70 - Ward 5) to Amend the Official Plan and Zoning By-law to permit High-Density Residential and Commercial Uses.

The subject property is located on the southwest corner of Railroad Street and Mill Street and has a municipal address of 45 Railroad Street.

The applicant is proposing to develop a high rise condominium apartment building with some ground floor retail. The current proposal shows a 26-storey approximately 350-unit apartment building with approximately 1,150 m2 (12,379 ft2) of commercial space. The proposal would retain portions of the existing heritage building along Mill Street and Railroad Street.

The subject property has a site area of 0.7166 hectares (1.77 Acres).

Official Plan/Secondary Plan Status:
The subject lands are designated “Central Area†on Schedule ‘A’: General Land Use Designations in the 1993 Official Plan. An amendment to this plan is not required.
The subject lands are designated Residential: Medium High/High Density in the Downtown Brampton Secondary Plan (SP 7A).

A site-specific policy permits the development of the lands for residential purposes with a maximum building height of 17 storeys, a maximum density of 247 units per hectare and a minimum landscaped open space of 60% of the lot area.

The subject site is zoned “Residential Apartment B-Section 3384†(R4B-Section 3384) according to By-law 270-2004. An amendment to the Zoning By-law would be required to allow the proposed development.
The company above - Stone Manor, seems new to the condo game. They're building infill townhouse complexes, in Toronto and Mississauga. No information on their website.
Here's what the building looks like right now. The zoning notice is plainly visible.

Well, it's more at the fringe of Downtown than right smack in the heart; and it isn't like there isn't a lot of other under/ill-used land, either. So a "higher density" alibi is over-simplistic in the extreme...
Keeping an old brick building like this one will do more for 'downtown' than any increase in density on the site will do.
And together with the converted factory (and sometime Doors Open Brampton participant) across the tracks, this is practically Brampton's "Liberty Village" (well, the old brick industrial part) equivalent in utero...
My feeling that the front part of the structure would remain (the offices), but the industrial rear would go, except for some of the wall along Mill.

Dominion Skate and the old Hewetson Shoe Factory (nicely restored, now artist space, small businesses, some retail) plus the railway give that part a bit of an old-time small town railway feel.
I used to work there as a teenager and I would definately be saddened to see the building demolished. It holds a lot of history in my family::(
But in order for Brampton to modernize and become more attractive, it could be a win-win situation...
I used to work there as a teenager and I would definately be saddened to see the building demolished. It holds a lot of history in my family::(
But in order for Brampton to modernize and become more attractive, it could be a win-win situation...

It's never a win-win situation when an old attractive building gets demolished.

Plenty of other spaces around Brampton for infill.
The proposal is still active and has city approval. Much of the building is supposed to be preserved.

From the June 11 minutes of Council:

Heritage Preservation
b) The 2-storey office component on the north portion of the site and the Mill Street façade and adjoining interior areas shall be preserved and incorporated into the design of the development in a manner satisfactory to the City of Brampton.


d) Prior to site plan approval, the historically significant elements of the building, as identified and recommended for preservation in the Heritage Impact Assessment, shall be designated under Part IV of the Heritage Act.

Also interesting: the city is requiring notices/warnings not only things like the standard school accomodation notices, but also warnings that the Orangeville-Brampton Railway operates adjacent and is subject to changes in train operations, including expansion.
The one thing that needs to be done for this project is protection of land for a 3rd track on the north side of the existing track.

Also, a connection to the Orangeville line to service the Orangeville area.

The current location of the VIA station would be move north.

Warning clause to be added for GO since this area will see 15-20 minute service down the road as well increase freight traffic.

The existing building adds something to this area. The south side has some great areas for more tall buildings.
Given that this is on the south side of Railroad Street, there is no need to protect the right-of-way for CN. Though part of the property directly abuts the north-south OBRY tracks.

You might be thinking of the Hewetson Shoe Factory on the north side, which was renovated a few years ago for commerical/light industrial use. There's lot of room there and there was a east-to-north connecting track that could easily be restored.