Toronto 330 Richmond | 93.57m | 27s | Greenpark | Core Architects

I REALLY like the look of this building. It reminds me of the UN building in NYC. The sharp, slab like proportions, the high quality reflecting glazing contrasting the matte precast panels, and best of all, the recessed balconies make this one of the most elegant buildings in the area. That's saying a lot, considering it's in very good company. Considering the renderings that were presented, I had assumed the worst, but this materialized into something really quite unique and attractive. Well done!
Nice except ...
Not a fan of how the bottom of the square facia frame feels like it squashes the street.
Feels like it sinks below the level set by the buildings on either side, and creates a bit of an oppressive meet with the sidewalk.
I give this building a solid B rating. Massing and execution up top, I'm cool with it. But the grade level I still consider to be somewhat lacking, which also correlates with how the neighbouring Monarch/Picasso project was handled in that sense.
A wild UTer appears! Caught on the latest streetview photographing this building. Fess up, whoever this was! 😅

I like the way this building's facade blended in well with the Picasso's facade next door! complementing each other as seen in the photos up above!
Pretty sharp building overall, however I'm surprised they were able to build balconies on the west facade right at the property line; I thought there had to be a setback.
330 is reasonably clean and respectable filler. I never cared much for the awkward proportions and random cutouts of Picasso (im referring to the condo building ofc, not the artists actual work)

But the mustard yellow lo rise is next level bad.
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