Toronto 330 Richmond | 93.57m | 27s | Greenpark | Core Architects

Mon Apr 20, 2020






This building gets a solid B rating from me. I quite like the massing and the clean balcony lines when viewed from multiple angles. Although, the grade level on the podium remains its weakest point. As it remains anonymously cold, which unfortunately continues the precedent began by Picasso to its east.
This turned out way, way better than I expected. (Of course, the gorgeous sunshine and blues skies in those pix don't hurt.)
Couldn't agree more. Was expecting something bland and disappointing, but this looks so unexpectedly crisp. Not such a huge surprise from Core but certainly not the type of exterior finish quality we've come to expect from Greenpark.
Nice looking building. Didnt follow this thread because I always thought it's going to look ugly once finish. only real complaint is that the sides beckoned to be board formed.
The exterior work on 330 Richmond is almost finished. The building envelope and balcony railing sections in the vertical where the external construction hoist used to be are now almost completely filled in - just the top three floors of balcony railing left to finish. At ground level, the reconstruction of the sidewalk areas is now underway.