Toronto 330 Richmond | 93.57m | 27s | Greenpark | Core Architects

Though I'm not nuts about how this building crowds Picasso, I do like the monumentality of the west wall, cleft by the run of balconies which extend all the way to the top, and I like the stacking of the mechanical atop the terraced crown at the south end. It's all about the angular plane, and you might think we'd see more of it in this city at this scale, but there sure isn't much of this building shape around Toronto. Good to have this one.

Not only is this a very bland looking building, but it's a loss opportunity on what could have been a striking looking tower.
Not only is this a very bland looking building, but it's a loss opportunity on what could have been a striking looking tower.

I don't understand some developers. If you are going to build a condo beside one of the best projects recently put up in the city, why make it so bland, boring and ugly?
While it’s not the most impressive or showy of buildings, I really appreciate the straightforward and clean design. It has a certain quiet monumentality and hint of brutalism which I like. It’s like a modern take on the buildings of the 70’s.
It also doesn’t have the same stacked tower on top of a podium you see almost everywhere.
I agree it needs more breathing room next to Picasso, but at least it’s not competing with it and not as tall.
I definitely love it from Richmond St. itself, just the sheerness of it is impressive when you are standing across the street directly below it or you are walking West on Richmond and you see it coming up ahead of you.
Do the balconies and nicer exterior material used on the west wall imply that it's unlikely the corner gets developed into anything with height?
In regards to that corner, in the street level photo above third picture by Red mars, was just curious what the work being done there on the street is? I supose I missed that info at some point. If anyone knows that be great. I’ll go back and look through.
I was having lunch at the Black Bull today and I couldn’t help to notice the railings on this building.
The glass has a reflective light bronze tint which looked really nice, which I’ve never noticed before. I really like the warm glow it has on a grey day. More balcony glass railings should look like this.

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