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Pretty significant to see some movement occurring.

I'm going to say though, that these lands need to go big and I am unsure whether the present planning or political environment exists to allow that. Perhaps for this site, a better planning environment/political context will exist after the opening of the Crosstown?


Former Provincial Government building on right is Minto Midtown today.


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Those provincial government buildings all had a certain 'look'. Mid-height. Squat. Nothing attractive. Functional orangey-tan brick. Many windows - all the same size. In a perfect regular grid. Aluminium frames. I suppose it was sensible 60s construction. Nothing over the top. I remember visiting MNR (Ministry of Natural Resources) when kids still did that to learn about the flora and the fauna of the province.
You are on the architecture subcommittee of the CT executive, right? You know we here at UT are expecting great things w/your involvement! :)

Ha! I wish such a role existed and It was mine.

I saw some prelim renderings last year and it was nothing special on its own. The overall plan for the Canada Square lands looked interesting though.
I thought I would post the old illustrative conceptual plans back from the 2009 Yonge Eglinton Centre design guidelines study, just for posterity sake, and because the images from the early pages of this thread are lost to the internet.




It is pretty incredible how out-dated these conceptual images from just 10 years ago look now, in context of everything that has happened at Yonge+Eglinton and in Toronto in general over the past ten years.

With it now year 2020, and the Eglinton Crosstown construction now nearing it's final phases, I think this will be the decade where this thread becomes very active.

Build Toronto (now part of CreateTO) is looking into the potential for development opportunities on this land in consultation with the City of Toronto, the Toronto Transit Commission and with the local Councillors. There is a tremendous opportunity for a mix of uses that will serve as a centre for this mid-town area of Toronto at the intersection of two rapid transit systems. An engagement program will be put into place to collaborate with Metrolinx, the community members, the Councillors, the City and various other stakeholders. We are working to incorporate an affordable housing component within this development.

Community engagement website set up for this project, with the first virtual meeting coming up on November 23rd.

The planning and design team includes; Adamson Associates Architects, Pelli Clarke Pelli, and Hariri Pontarini.

Virtual Community Meeting #1

Hear from members of the project team about the emerging master plan for the site, opportunities and design constraints, learn what has been heard from the community to-date in discussions about the site and ask questions.

Join the meeting on your computer, tablet, or smart device using the meeting link

Date and Time

23rd Nov 2020, 04:00 pm - 30th Nov 2020, 05:30 pm

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There's two Subway lines hitting this intersection so at least on top half of the property there should be a building that 250 meters tall at least.
There's two Subway lines hitting this intersection so at least on top half of the property there should be a building that 250 meters tall at least.

Is that based on anything? Height seems somewhat arbitrary to me. The real question is around density.