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I'm not quite sure where is this proposal suppose to take place ??
On the old bus bay?

Either way, this is perfect if not very surprising. Someone is planning on building an office building now? The midtown office compontent has had fairly low vacency rates for quite a while now but you don't see high absorption numbers for the space that's left. I can see the need for large contiguous office space in this location but I'm wondering if the Canadian tire move will provide more then enough of that?

Very interesting either way.
I'm guessing that some of these projects are designed to be completed in time for the next boom. Pretty optimistic, but a clever idea if they're able to get financing--a big if.
Based on the preliminary info, this application seems pretty consistent to the City's findings in the Yonge-Eglinton Centre Review (

Could this be the future of Yonge-Eglinton?

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graphics extracted from the Yonge-Eglinton Centre Review ... showing the possible future at the southwest corner of Yonge+Eglinton intersection

Northeast View (Canadian Tire building at far left)


Southeast View (Canadian Tire building at left edge, open space shown aligns with Minto Midtown's new courtyard)

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that is capital 'H' HOT
pretty ambitious plan masterplan ... not only the TTC lands but the complete re-development of the massive Canada Square above ground parkade and mid-rise office block.

P.S. Canadian Tire occupies the southern block
thanks for picking that up maestro ... adjusted