Toronto 160 Front West | 239.87m | 46s | Cadillac Fairview | AS + GG

From the sky pod
Do the dome's lights change colour at all? I feel like it's always in blue.
Would be cool if they reworked that for programmable colours and also somehow even out the lighting on the dome too.

But to stay on topic, this guy stands out like a sore thumb (can kinda look like a thumb too if you use your imagination). I personally think it looks great and maybe other buildings will soon follow suit with their lighting schemes 👍
This has been weird discourse where neither side I can get behind on. That is, nobody is saying or should be saying "suck it up" when dealing with quality of life issues and sensory stuff that stresses the civilian population out. Nor should there anyone be saying "because it's my property, I can do whatever the eff I want"...particular from faceless mega developers dripping in arsed entitlement. Both positions are bad and untenable for all of us, as far as I am concerned...

...with that said though, I do support regulation of potential light polluting spectacles beaming off towers Shanghai style here. And there should be something like that on the books about that, IMO. But I also do not believe that this building is anyway near as offensive as that. And a one off tower that nicely compliments the strobing red CN Tower and phat blue Roger's Dome in the night time sky which mostly devoid of colour, much like our skyline is during the day is probably a good thing here. Just saying.
Yeah there's an unlimited number of LED colours the dome can use... but rarely do. There's even a rainbow setting (see link to video below).
Sadly, I think we all know "THE RAINBOW LIGHTS ARE CORRUPTING THE CHILDREN" is coming in June 🙃

And while I hate the general corporatization of Pride, TD has been the main sponsor for years, so hopefully they'll keep those rainbow lights up.